Friday, June 11, 2021

High Five for Friday (6.11.21)



We've visited the orthodontist and dentist, signed up for the library's summer reading program, started summer school (Hallie is taking two classes June to "buy" herself another elective spot this fall), returned to the swimming pool, and hit the ground running with dance intensives and athletics bootcamps...I'd say we're officially in summer mode!


To make summer school a little more fun, Hallie and I settled in at Starbucks for our first out-of-the-house study/work session in probably 18 months. Crazy how enjoyable it was to be productive somewhere other than my home office...


On Monday these two received their second COVID-19 vaccinations. Hallelujah!

One of these children was not excited to take a picture.

She wanted all the flare. And she brought her
own decorative bandage, after being disappointed
in CVS's bandage selection after her first dose.


On Tuesday, Hallie gleefully chopped off her long hair and just as excitedly donated what was cut off to Children With Hair Loss. 


We said goodbye to the Peaky Blinders (though Polly and Esme went to friends of ours, so we're looking forward to watching them grow up in person) and the following day welcomed the Currency babies: Euro, Yen, Peso, Dollar, and Rupee. Yep, that's five kittens. Euro, Yen, Peso, and Dollar arrived first - Yen, Peso, and Dollar from the same litter and Euro from the same colony. But then they found Rupee, a biological sibling to Yen, Peso, and Dollar, and I couldn't say no and keep her separated from her sister and brothers, so now it seems my maximum number of kittens has increased from four to five. It's a little crazy up in here - we've had all five on probiotics, three on anti-diarrhea meds, and two on eye infection meds - but they're so sweet and we're working really hard on both getting them healthy and socializing them for their eventual forever families!





No close up/individual photo of Euro (though you can see him in some of the group photos). He's hard to photograph because 1) he's all black and his favorite place to sleep is the black drum mat and 2) he's the most fearful of the bunch.

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