Friday, June 18, 2021

High Five for Friday (6.18.21)



She did it. She finished two summer school classes - one of which was short and painful and the other of which was long and tedious - in 15 days. Hallelujah!

Working at the McOffice for the
first time in almost 18 months...


Summer dance, soccer, and athletic training are in full swing! Last week Hallie attended one of her favorite annual dance events - a multiple-genre intensive, taught by one of her favorite instructors (who is from BCS but now lives and works in Dallas and comes back specifically for this intensive) - at our studio and started mixed genre classes at another studio. And this week she added both her own ballet classes and assisting with a teeny, tiny Twirling Tots class at our studio. Will is back on the soccer field for evening practices, and in the mornings he's working out with his fellow high school the high school...because he's in high school now. (HOLD ME.) The kids are busy, and I'm even busier driving them around, but we're all so grateful to be able to participate in these activities again.


Also on the busy front...Hallie volunteered at VBS this week! This was her first true volunteer opportunity, and while she was nervous, it's been a valuable and enjoyable experience!

I can't seem to remember to take a photo of Hallie at VBS, so this pic of her (wearing her VBS shirt at least) demonstrating how she can get Rupee to fall asleep in her hands will have to do.


I couldn't help myself...

But then I kept going. Be careful, the Voila app is a slippery slope leading toward an afternoon completely void of productivity. 

Happiness Highlights

I tried for what felt like ages to get a picture
of all five of them, each in their own basket and all
of them looking at me. This was the closest I came.

They sure are cute though!

He's hiding from us.

This week I finished an article about semi-
homemade holiday treats. It felt weird to use 
holiday sprinkles in June, and even stranger
to attempt to take my own photos.

Some of them turned out alright!

Yep, that's a trombone. 😂

Coordinating lemon suits!

Kind of weird, right?
I laughed out loud when I read this, so it needed to be shared.

Happy weekend, friends!

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