Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Besties in the Bluebonnets

These days my boy - at 14 years old and about to finish up the eighth grade - would prefer not to take pictures with his sister in the bluebonnets. 

A couple of my favorites from years past.

So rather than force him to participate, I let him sit this year out...and instead took pictures of Hallie in the bluebonnets with her bestie, Avery.

Except I didn't take this year's pictures...which you'll probably be able to tell as soon as you start scrolling. Instead, Avery's older sister, Danielle, who has been taking a photography class in school this year, stayed behind the camera for us. She did, as I'm sure you'll agree, an amazing job keeping our bluebonnet tradition alive while capturing who these girlies - who fall in this treasured place between little girls and grown women - truly are as individuals and friends. 

And one shot of their mamas - who weren't planning on being photographed - too.

First, a special thank you to our local flower farm - Basecamp Farms - for letting us use their bluebonnet field for our photos. Second, we greatly missed Hallie and Avery's third musketeer, Kara, who unfortunately couldn't make it the evening we could visit the farm and take advantage of their flowers.

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