Friday, May 7, 2021

High Five for Friday (5.7.21)


We haven't seen - in person - a single member of our extended families in nearly 18 months. Until last weekend, that is, when Tom's sister, Jenna, came to visit. A year and a half is a long time to go without hugging your loved ones, and it felt wonderful to wrap our arms around her neck again.

Not too shabby, given that we (at least me, Will, and
Hallie) haven't dressed much for the last year... 

Jenna took Hallie out for a special afternoon, just the
two of them, and they came home with beautiful toes.

An epic video game battle on the back porch.

Throughout the last few months, Jenna has graciously served as Hallie's confirmation mentor. She came to visit specifically for the confirmation ceremony, which took place on Sunday and was a lovely experience for all of us. (And we all had a good laugh when Tom locked the keys in the car and had to Uber home - immediately after Hallie was confirmed - to get the second set of keys and make it back before the ceremony ended.)

Hallie had a speaking part during the ceremony.

She nailed it!

Hallie and AJ in their coordinating dresses.


These sweet friends all went through confirmation together.

Hallie with her new "Hallie" bag -
a confirmation present from AJ!

All three of Hallie's Hair Babies leave for their furever home on Monday, which makes us sad, but two silver linings... First, we'll get new babies on Sunday night! And second, Bob, whose new name is Teaka, is going to live with our besties so we'll get to see her all the time! 
It seems that Tux finally starts to adjust
to new kittens - even playing with them a
little - RIGHT before they leave us.

Playtime! Kind of.

Two of our fosters have found homes with wonderfully close friends, which is the best possible scenario because we get to stay connected with them as they grow up. Who's next? Who else wants a kitten? We'll let you come play with them at our house first... 😍
I try not to have favorites, but OH, I love my sweet baby Mullet. He's just such a kind and gentle kitten, and he loves to cuddle and give kisses, both of which are my absolute favorite. He's also my best employee...and by "best employee" I mean that he ALWAYS sits with me - or on my planner - when I work at my desk.

Happiness Highlights
New leo embroidery! (TBA = The Ballet Academy)

What started with one stuffed animal to cuddle...

...turned into cuddling with ALL of the stuffed animals.

I bite my M&Ms in half. Always have, probably
always will. Last week and after a bad day, a friend
bought me a big bag of Mini M&Ms so I could eat
them whole...except I had to show her that I (and
Hallie) still *could* bite them in half if needed.

Tom competed in an online Chopped-esque cooking competition
against two of his colleagues. He didn't win for plating, but he did
win for most entertaining! (I requested that he cook on the porch
instead of in the kitchen because 1) he wanted to use his fryer
and 2) I didn't want to clean up after this competition.) 

New leo from a friend!

Sat down to pee in the half bath...was surprised to see this
buddy's head pop out of the sink. We had a nice chat while
sharing the bathroom. (He was hiding during a storm.)

Happy weekend, friends!

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