Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Celebrities - They're Just Like Us. Some of Them.

A few weeks ago, Tom and I watched a basketball game that, because of how we had to stream it, showed the same three or four commercials over and over again, every single time the game paused for a timeout. One of these commercials was for Wing Stop, and besides making me wish I had wings to accompany our appetizers, had me scratching my head because I recognized one of the kids in the commercial. It took me quite a few viewings, but eventually I realized that the little girl belonged to one of the imomsohard mamas. 

The little girl, whose name is Eleanor, did a great job in what I imagine was one of her first acting gigs, and because most moms like to hear nice things about their kids, I sent Eleanor's famous mama a message through Instagram to let her know I'd enjoyed the commercial. I knew Kristin would likely never see my message, but I sent it anyway, just in case...

I've sent messages to actors, musicians, comedians, and influencers before (not weird stalker messages, but questions, answers to questions they asked, comments on content, etc.) and I've never received a response from any of them. So imagine my surprise when, two days later, Kristin actually responded. 

That was a fantastic day (the bar has been lower than usual these last few months 😂), and we're basically best friends now. 

Ok, ok. That's obviously not the case. But this small interaction made me like imomsohard even more. 

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