Friday, May 14, 2021

High Five for Friday (5.14.21)


After spending a significant amount of time worrying about and concerned for two friends undergoing tests for possible health issues, relief and thankfulness filled those spaces of my heart when both received great news this week. Cheers to health.

This is a happiness highlight for Will, but not necessarily for me.

We are presently EXACTLY the same height. (In the first photo his hair makes him look taller than me, but I promise, he's not there yet.) As he reminds me on the regular - once every few hours - my days of hugging him with my arms "on top" are numbered...

Also, just for fun...the one on the right was taken 13 months ago. The 
one on the left was taken 17 months before that. STOP. GROWING. NOW.

On Friday night I took Hallie - and we met some friends - to see the Bengal Belles (the dance team at Hallie's someday high school) perform their spring show. I would have taken her anyway, but after a rough semester...year...couple of years...of dance, I needed Hallie to see that there were other options and opportunities out there for her if she eventually decides to make a change. I don't know what the future holds for her as a dancer, but I do know she loved watching the Belles shine on stage.

On Sunday night our time with Hallie's Hairstyle Babies came to an end. The last day is always bittersweet; we hate saying goodbye to babies we adore, but we love knowing they're going to their forever homes. Thankfully, we'll still get to see Teaka (Bob) all the time as she grows up!  

Teaka (Bob) (She fell asleep mid-photoshoot.)



They found Duke's spot...

Still my best employee.

They played together pretty well this week - it's hard
to watch Tux start adjusting to a certain set of kittens RIGHT
before that set of kittens moves on to their furever homes. 😓
And coming in hot behind Hallie's Hairstyle Babies...the Peaky Blinders crew! 





We're so excited to finally have our first litter of orange babies! (Pearl and Jingle Bells, the cats I had growing up, were both orange, so I have a soft spot in my heart for ginger kittens.)

Happy weekend, friends!

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