Friday, February 26, 2021

High Five for Friday (2.26.21)

First, before I catch up on a couple of weeks' worth of high fives after taking last week "off" due to unprecedented weather and a lack of electricity and internet, a bonus high five.

My girl ACED her sports medicine appointment earlier this week. The doctor was so pleased - unexpectedly so - with how her bone had healed that he kicked the boot to the curb. The road back to dancing full out will be slow and intentional, but we took a huge step forward physically, mentally, and emotionally when we heard that news. And the joy she felt when we walked out of the office that

And now, on with the show!

Two Fridays back we returned to Instaland for our second selfie photo shoot. (Check out the photos from our first visit to Instaland here.) Instaland is open through THIS Sunday, so if you live in the BCS area, I encourage you to support this local business by visiting their incredibly fun and reasonably priced pop-up shop in Century Square!

I forgot to take a single picture of the three of us together,
so when we got home we grabbed a (shirtless for Will) selfie.

Will's 8th grade basketball season came to an end last night with a single playoff game. All of the teams play only one playoff game, regardless of whether they win or lose, so even though the Knights didn't come out on top of the scoreboard, they fought the good fight and can - and should - feel good about how hard they worked. (I kind of wish we could have ended the season two weeks ago, when they wrapped their regular games with a solid victory.)  

We're so grateful our school district came up with ways for kids (including virtual learners) to play sports - and for adults to watch their kids play sports - in a year when absolutely none of this was guaranteed. While everything looked and felt different, Will managed full cross country and basketball seasons, and we track tryouts begin bright and early next Monday morning.  

The end of this basketball season - and Will's middle school basketball "career" - feels bittersweet because it was likely Will's last basketball season ever. In Texas, high school basketball and soccer overlap, making it virtually impossible for an athlete to compete in both sports. Next year Will will choose soccer, which means his days on the basketball court - at least officially - have come to an end. We loved watching him play.

This kid just registered for high school, planned out his classes for the next four years, and started making a list of colleges and universities he would like to attend. I JUST dropped him off for his first day of kindergarten like two or three weeks ago, so I'm not exactly sure what happened here...

All jokes aside, I simply could not be prouder of him, especially how hard he's worked and given how well he's handled everything that's been thrown at him - and everything he's missed - this past year. 

These four babies have been on quite an adventure with us since they first arrived two weeks ago! And while they're a fair amount of work (there are four of them, after all, and they eat wet food - very messily, both in terms of the space in which they eat and the amount of food that ends up on them - three times a day, are still learning how to eat dry food, have some GI issues, and are on two different medications for these issues), they are so worth our time and worthy of our love.

Productivity is poor at best when
I try to work from my desk at home.

These four are half of their litter. They were found outside a fire station, all eight tucked inside a single shoebox. They were named, fittingly, after athletic shoes: we have Nike (calico), Reebok (grayish black w/ one orange shoe and a tiny orange spot on her chin), Crocs (all black), and Birkenstock (gray). We refer to Birkenstock as Birks or Crazy Pants - more on that nickname to come...

Happiness Highlights
I needed a headshot for an organization with which I work,
and because I didn't have time to have one professionally
taken, I had Hallie snap a few for me. We eventually landed
on this one. I discovered I could edit out the circles under my
eyes and the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes and mouth...but
they I went back and removed all of the edits because I've earned
each and every one of these life lines. (And I probably have a few
more since this was taken, thanks to Snowpocalypse 2021 #2.)

I assume everyone saw the video of the lawyer who
showed up to Zoom meeting "dressed as" a cat? I love it.

Performing Philip's death scene in Hamilton. 

The snap dragons didn't make it, but
they looked stunning covered in ice.

And I was fascinated to discover that tiny little
bulbs of ice formed around each one of them. 

This girl is our builder. She was thrilled to have
successfully assembled this cat tree all by herself.

Happy weekend, friends!

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