Friday, February 5, 2021

High Five for Friday (2.5.21)

After a 10-day trip to Michigan for work, Tom made it safely back to Texas last Saturday. We missed him, but he had an enjoyable and productive week-and-a-half (as well as a well-deserved, quiet weekend all to himself in a hotel - sounds like heaven to me) so we're all grateful for that. 

Another weekend, another soccer tournament. This one looked a lot different than last weekend's, in that Will played with the 8th graders from his team as well as the 8th graders from another Cavalry team. These boys know and play with each other often, but they don't compete together as a team often, so it took them a while to get the logistics of their game worked out. 

US Soccer is organized by birth year. Will was born in 2006, so he plays on an 06 team. It wasn't an issue in years past, and it won't be an issue in future years, but this year, more than half of the 06 players - those born in January through August - are in high school, while the others - those born in September through December - are in middle school. This means that while the high school soccer season is underway, the 06 middle schoolers are without a full club team and occasionally have to combine with other teams in order to compete. Next year the 06 boys will all be in high school and the 07 boys will have to deal with the same issue.

Regardless of outcome, (almost) any weekend spent on the pitch is a good weekend. I love watching my boy play.

I felt so grateful for the opportunity to spend Friday night and all of Saturday with just my boy (Hallie stayed overnight and in College Station with a friend in our bubble until Tom made it back to town to pick her up) and then to have had a quiet-ish Sunday morning at home while Tom covered Sunday 8am game. 

After nearly four weeks (though it felt much longer) without foster babies, we finally have kittens in our home again! We all so desperately needed the boost to our spirits, shift in focus, and sense of purpose they brought with them. 

Sweet Zalina doesn't have a tail, not even a nub. It's
ridiculously adorable, and because of it, she bounces
like a bunny instead of jumping like a cat.

We only have these babies for two weeks, and then they're off to their forever Minnesota! 

Happiness Highlights
Besties at Avery's first pointe shoe fitting!

Will can fall asleep anywhere. And when he does,
kittens ALWAYS find and cuddle up with him.

Hallie was THRILLED with Tux's 5th position.

My man-child's 2020-2021 basketball picture.

Me and my girl, matching in our Knights
gear and Grandma Brenda-made masks
at Will's basketball game.

Love, love, love watching him play all the sports.

Hallie could only make one of Will's basketball game
this season. She cheered so loudly (she even learned
what a rebound was and when to yell, "REBOUND!")
and wanted them to win so badly, and when she realized
they were going to lose, she started to cry. That moment
wasn't happy for her, but seeing how much she cared
about this game and brother made me so happy...

Happy weekend, friends!

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