Friday, May 8, 2020

High Five for Friday (5.8.20)

Since day four of my course of antibiotics, I've been dealing with - one, then two - unpleasant complications. I'm not complaining, and I don't want to go into too much detail, but I do want to throw up a high five that after three weeks, both seem to have "resolved". I hope this means the Great Cat Bite Saga of 2020 has finally come to an end!

Last Thursday, Hallie and I packed a picnic lunch and drove to our friends' house, where we parked in their driveway, climbed into our open trunk, and enjoyed our first-ever car/trunk/driveway picnic.

She desperately needed to see and talk to her friends in person, and I desperately needed the same with my friends. While certainly not a perfect solution to missing our people or the same as a real play date or girls night out, getting together in this way gave both Hallie and me a much-needed boost!

This week is/was Teacher Appreciation Week. Since we couldn't celebrate and honor our teachers as we had planned and normally would, the kids and I did the best we could with cards, letters, and online/emailed gift cards.

Hallie in particular has been missing her teachers, so much so that two weeks ago she wrote and mailed them all letters. (All were all kind enough to share their addresses so Hallie could send mail directly to their homes rather than to school.) I didn't actually see what Hallie wrote, that is until one of her teachers shared a picture of her card on Facebook with a sweet message. I can see why Hallie misses these women - they are all excellent educators, but also kind, loving, thoughtful people who we were lucky to have in our lives this school year.

About a month ago, Will completed the lengthy and involved process to apply for National Junior Honor Society, and on Monday we found out he was accepted into his middle school's chapter! They can't host an induction ceremony until the fall semester, but we're looking forward to that occasion and proud of him for all of his hard work this year.

Happiness Highlights
A sweet friend dropped off this goodie bag - OH, how
I needed those eye masks - late last week. What a treat!

Friday nights are for sleepovers in our house.
I usually end up sharing my bed with this girl,
and sometimes with this fur baby as well.

(Turns out they die really quickly once removed from
the ground, but they were pretty while they lasted!)

I like the new Care emoji on Facebook. 

Another fabulous Board & Brush project!

Enjoying our Sunday night Zoom "meeting" with my parents.
Will and Hallie joined via Chromebooks in their own rooms, and
Tom went from spot to spot to enjoy everyone's company. 

It's weird when your make-up artist straddles
your abdomen as she applies your make-up...

The goal...

...and the finished product!
(This was a theatre class assignment.)

AMAZING treats from a local small business!

Tux is enjoying the board game Hallie created.
He's not very good at taking turns though...

Happy weekend, friends!

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