Friday, May 29, 2020

High Five for Friday (5.29.20)

As of 1:30pm yesterday afternoon, we are done with the 2019-2020 school year. Academic assignments were submitted, library books were returned, locked contents were retrieved, goodie bags were picked up, and teacher gifts were distributed. While we have no idea what the 2020-2021 school year will look like, I have hope it will include - at least to some extent and among other things - learning from teachers and spending time with friends inside actual school buildings.

We're really going to miss Hallie's teachers!

I plan to take end-of-the-year pics of the kids over the weekend, so in the meantime, enjoy these first and last day pics of my adorable niece and nephew, who finished their school year last week!

Last Saturday we attended Hallie's combined tap, jazz, and contemporary Red Carpet Experience. What a gift it was to be able to end our dance season on a high note. I will always remember the careful planning, hard work, and deep love that went into creating and carrying out this experience. Thank you, Suzanne's School of Dance!

While both Hallie and I are a little sad to see this year come to an end, we're ready to be done with virtual dance and excited about (hopefully) returning to the studio this summer and the 2020-2021 season ahead!

A social-distanced swimming playdate last Friday afternoon was one of the best things to happen to/for us not just last week, but in the last few weeks. For three hours life felt "normal" again, in the best possible ways.

First we had to catch a frog. This was before
I ran screaming from that end of the pool.

Regular swimming playdates are just about the only thing on our calendar for the next two weeks - and we're not complaining!

We spent a significant portion of each Memorial weekend day (including working through a thunderstorm) cleaning out, weeding, and mulching the beds in our front, side, and back yards. 75 bags of mulch and a thunderstorm later, everything looks great!

On Saturday we worked through summer temperatures, blazing sun, and oppressive humidity and it was AWFUL. On Sunday we worked through cooler temperatures, a lengthy thunderstorm, and continuous rain, which both Tom and I preferred.

Happiness Highlights
Hallie and I saw this sign while on a walk in our neighborhood.
We missed the celebration but only by a day, so the decorations
were still out and it looked like it would have been SO fun.

Getting excited about your new chainsaw
basically sums up what it means to be an adult.

He "talked to" that turtle for like 15 minutes.

First ever dance costume...

...and it still fits! Sort of. She was THRILLED
to wear it for her last week of classes.

We got a new printer, so OF COURSE one thing led to another
and I had to completely reorganize and clean the office. It's
ready for summer learning now though!

My mom sent me the cutest stamps!

And wrote this on the envelope - so sweet. I've
decided to start doing the same: #savethepostoffice

Dance moms and daughters socializing - distance-style -
while waiting for the next celebratory drive-by to start.

I found an Easter egg the bunny hid weeks ago!

Happy weekend, friends!

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