Friday, May 15, 2020

High Five for Friday (5.15.20)

Our second driveway lunch date last Friday included a brand new puppy! We needed time with our friends, as well as to snuggle itty bitty Charlie.

Spoiler alert: we didn't get a puppy, but Charlie's definitely the kind of puppy I would want if we did get a puppy. I'm mildly allergic to dogs, and as is the case for most people, I've found that some breeds cause me far more issues than others. I love the idea of a dog like Charlie though, so much so that before we left I rubbed my face in her fur to see how allergic she - or any puppies of her breed - would make me, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my face didn't itch AT ALL after my face rub! Next time I'm going to pet her and then rub my eyes. 😂

On Saturday morning, Hallie had her first of four virtual recitals. Hair, make up, costume, and a performance in our living room while the rest of the ballerinas in her Degas' Dancers in Blue piece did the same in their own homes.

Hallie has had a love-hate relationship with this dance and her role in it since before rehearsals began, but as time went on she came to appreciate - and then embrace - the opportunity it provided her. It makes me sad that the only stage she ever performed it on was our living room rug, but I loved watching her none-the-less.

This soccer player upped his game by spending the first three weeks of quarantine taking the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program's first level of training and earning his Grassroots Referee License. There are of course no games taking place for him to actually referee, but he'll be ready when the soccer world finally opens up again!

Aside from a brief disagreement between siblings while in the pool, we had a lovely Mother's Day. We added coffee and donuts in bed (at their insistence), scooter riding, kite flying, and Zoom get-togethers with both sides of our families to our regularly scheduled Sunday programming. I hope you and yours had an enjoyable - despite social distancing - day spent celebrating mothers!

Mimosa courtesy of my friend Casey! 😍

This was about as high as she could get
the kite to go, but she ran her heart out!

Will managed to get the kite a little higher, mostly because
he can run faster. We didn't choose the best kite-flying day.

My newest Ferris Wheel - as soon as our herb
seeds arrive, Hallie and I will start planting!

High five for sweet Mother's Day cards!

Happiness Highlights
Waiting to see what would come out of this stretch
of boredom (Will is hardly ever bored) was actually
pretty fun for me. (The result was a version of soccer
that involved Will playing the game, Hallie wearing
a costume, and Tux riding in his stroller.)

When Hallie does my hair, sometimes I look
pretty and sometimes I look like Monica when
she and her fellow Friends went to Barbados.

Will and I made the MSC OPUS Facebook page!

A Thursday afternoon snack treat!

Friday morning snuggles.

Happy weekend, friends!

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