Friday, March 20, 2020

High Five for Friday (3.20.20)

What a week, amiright?

I thought about scrapping this and future posts, as keeping up with the blog while finishing other writing assignments AND homeschooling my kiddos feels a little overwhelming, but then I was reminded that now is not the time to give up on High Five for Friday. I may at some point change up how/what I share on Tuesdays, but the High Five for Friday posts must continue. Because it's more important than ever to find the good - even if its just something minuscule - in every day.

The last few days - weeks, even - have been tough for everyone, but particularly so for overworked and understaffed health care workers, those with compromised immune systems who are at a higher risk of contracting and/or becoming severely ill from the Corona Virus, hourly employees of organizations and institutions that have temporarily closed their doors, and families that find themselves without childcare because of school closures.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to not fall into any of these categories. Tom and I don't work in the healthcare field. Though I worry about Will, who has asthma, he has strong lungs for someone with this condition and the rest of our immediate and extended families are relatively healthy. Tom and I are both still able to work from home, and as a professor, Tom will be teaching his classes online for the remainder of the semester. And because we can work from home - and my kids are old enough to stay home alone when necessary - we don't need to worry about childcare.

So if there is a way our family can help yours, please don't hesitate to reach out. My email address is and my phone number is 734.678.5125. I can provide meals or groceries, or share disinfecting wipes or toilet paper. I can drop off activity books, puzzles, or games for little ones who are tired of being at home, or wine and chocolate for mamas who feel the same way. I can chat on the phone with those who need to talk, or share good books with those who need quiet. Hang in there, friends. We'll get through this.

Will returned home last Friday - thank goodness - and brought back from his trip the most perfect gifts for all of us. I know he had help paying for everything he purchased, but as he presented each of us with what he'd chosen, I could tell he had put a great deal of thought into what we would enjoy and appreciate.

For Hallie, he picked out a stuffed panda from
the Smithsonian National Zoo. He also bought
them a set of Ying and Yang necklaces to share.

For me, he picked out this book about RBG. He
also chose Albert Einstein socks for Tom and brought
home two games for the entire family to enjoy.

I can't wait to start my book about Ruth Bader Ginsberg!

After more than a week of getting up whenever I felt like it (except on last Friday morning, when my alarm went off at 7:20am so I could make it to my favorite combat class at the gym), I decided the time had come to finally adjust to Daylight Saving Time. I started getting up at 6:55am - which gives me enough time to brew a cup of coffee before The Today Show goes live - and though I strongly dislike getting up before the sun, I have enjoyed having an hour or so to myself before the rest of the family wakes up and we start our days together.

Before things went to hell in a hand basket at the end of last week, we managed to fit in Hallie's individual dance pictures as well as the "besties photo shoot" we do every year. I can't wait to share the finished products!
Behind the scenes.

A screen capture of an Instagram story
featuring a picture of the back of the
camera. Did you follow that? 😂

And another one!

The first ever Shannon Morton Photography traveling photo party!

Happiness Highlights Before Social Distancing

While in Michigan for work, Tom visited our first house. March
in Michigan looks a little bleak, but this house brings back lots of
warm and cozy memories none-the-less.

Off to see Emma with lots of our dance friends!

That's my niece, Lily, presenting her nonfiction writing at
her district's last school board meeting.

She was so excited to welcome him home. So excited,
in fact, that she forgot to wear clothes to the airport. (Just
kidding, of course. But doesn't this pic kind of make it
look like she skipped getting dressed that morning?)

We were all so happy to have him home.

Happiness Highlights After Social Distancing

Learning about giraffes via Facebook
live, courtesy of Aggieland Safari.

Hiking at Lick Creek Park.

Starting off St. Patrick's Day with a little "orange" juice.

Headed out on our morning walk - this one
had a basketball theme - on St. Patty's Day.

Green cupcakes with gold and rainbow sprinkles!

My lemon tree as SO MANY FLOWERS. Come on,
bees - do your thing and turn these flowers into lemons!

Happy Friday, friends!

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