Friday, March 27, 2020

High Five for Friday (3.27.20)

Day 1,483 of social distancing...

I hope you and yours are healthy, (relatively) happy, and finding silver linings as we adjust to this new way of living.

We've had good days and bad days - lots of laughter as well as quite few tears - but all things considered, we are in good shape. Here are a few of our high fives from the last week or so!

I had an appointment last Thursday afternoon to pick up Hallie's dance photos. After fully assessing the situation, I decided to keep the appointment; I know the photographer and trusted her when she assured us that her small, rarely trafficked studio would be both empty and clean for our visit. I let Hallie come with me, and when we climbed into the car we realized that it had been six full days since either of us had gone anywhere by way of my vehicle. We both enjoyed the short drive, seeing - from afar - two of our favorite photographers, and picking up Hallie's gorgeous photos.

I'm waiting to share Hallie's individual photos until her birthday in a few weeks, but here are the amazing photos she took of Hallie and her besties. We have seven years of dance pictures of them together and I cherish both the images and the special relationship they capture.

Homeschool has had - as I'm sure is the case for everyone giving it a go for the first time ever (and probably after previously saying "I could NEVER homeschool my kids") - its fair share of ups and downs. Here are a few of the ups!

Laws of Motion science experiment

Cincinnati Zoo daily livestream

Lick Creek Park hike

Poetry tea time

Art + snack cookie decorating

Study companion

Tux is both thrilled that Will is home all day every day and
bothered that the rest of us are also home all day every day.

At home dance lessons, soccer practices, and track training sessions have also been interesting. Like me when it comes to physical fitness and working out, both Will and Hallie thrive on the community aspect of their lessons and practices. Learning a new tap dance alone in the living room or timing a solo run around the elementary school track just don't motivate them to perform as they would with fellow athletes by their sides.

That said, Will and Hallie are trying as hard as they can - with a little nudge from me every now and again - to keep their skills from sliding.

We stopped at a small basketball court while on a walk, and when Will shot the ball through the hoop, it got stuck in the net. We spent the next few minutes making slow motion videos of him trying to knock the ball loose.

Also, Will and I came up with a sports-related silver lining. Track season had just begun when we left school for spring break. It seems we won't return to school for quite some time, and Texas UIL has suspended all sanctioned activities until May 4th, so for Will, his first track season is effectively over. And since he won both the 800m and the 1,600m in his first - and only - track meet, he can forever say that he finished his 7th grade track season undefeated.

Happiness Highlights at Home
I started using a pretty new bar of soap.

This is what I look like after Mossa Fight in my living room. Awful,
I know, but I was so happy these two joined me for the workout!

I found my cowboy boots while cleaning my closet!
Haven't worn these babies in probably five years.

Our play/music/family room has become Tom's
office now that he's working from hom. He spent
part of the week setting up his space...and that
included building himself a standing desk!

Apprentice rehearsal via Zoom was a blast!

Hallie and I finally finished assembling
the Friends' Central Perk Lego set!

No caption needed.

What a fun movie night!

Tom and Hallie spent quite a bit of last weekend working on our
new garden. The space is we wait to see if the
veggies and herbs (hopefully) take off!

Perhaps the highlight of my week was this "hangout"
with my friends, who I miss so much. We parked in a
row (that's me, then Mandi, then Jenn, then Rebecca),
and from the safety of our cars, we talked and laughed
and pretended that the world wasn't crashing and
burning around us.

Happiness Highlights Around the World 

Happy weekend, friends!

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