Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Carrying the (Swimsuit Snow Angel) Torch

For those of you follow Chasing Roots regularly, you know that every winter I - along with any family members brave enough to join me - make a snow angel...in my swimsuit.

When we lived in Wisconsin, Iowa, and then Michigan, swimsuit snow angels happened every year, no matter what. But since we moved to Texas, keeping the tradition alive depends not on our desire to do so but on Mother Nature almost entirely. If she sees fit to send snow during our week-long visit to the Midwest, we make snow angels; if she doesn't, we don't. And unfortunately, this year she dropped from her oppressive, ominous clouds not even the smallest dusting, which meant no snow angels.

So a few weeks ago, my dad - just as he did last year - carried the torch for the rest of us.

The tradition lives on.

After missing out on swimsuit snow angels two years in a row, I'm in search of a new tradition - not to replace the swimsuit snow angels but to "sub in" when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate. As of right now my best option is a polar plunge into a friend's unheated swimming pool, and while I realize the water wouldn't be nearly as cold as the water is supposed to be for polar plunges, it may have to do!

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