Friday, September 27, 2019

High Five for Friday (9.27.19)

At the end of last week, Tropical Depression Imelda caused a great deal of trouble for many along the coasts of Texas and Louisiana. But she also brought to College Station both rain and a slight decrease in temperature, which together did EVERYTHING to boost my mood. We returned to our regularly scheduled programing - hot and sunny - by Saturday, but that tiny taste of a season other than summerer will buoy me for a couple more weeks.

This week - the last full week in September - is one of my favorite every's season premiere week! All summer I look forward to both the return of my favorite shows and the introduction of new shows to the primetime television line-up. Now if only I could find the time to watch more than six minutes of a show at one time...

On Saturday morning, Tom, Hallie, and I all made the trek to Will's third cross country meet. Neither of them had attended a meet thus far, so it was really fun for me to show them the ropes and teach them what I've learned about cross country thus far. They both ended up having a great time - Hallie in particular, which was a pleasant surprise since she came against her will - and I know it meant a great deal to Will to have all three of us cheering for him along the course.

This was Hallie's one and only opportunity to watch Will run - every other meet was/will be held at the same time as a mandatory dance class or rehearsal. She didn't want to come initially, but once she saw the action firsthand, her attitude shifted dramatically and she wished aloud that she could come to all of Will's future meets.
Waiting for the boys to run past "checkpoint" #2.
Sprinting into the chute at the finish line.
Way to go, Knights!
Hallie did such a great job supporting her brother
that day. (She and I made it back to her dance studio in
College Station just in time for her to change, put her
hair up, and head into her Nutcracker rehearsal.)

Did you know that Friends debuted 25 years ago last Sunday? In celebration, our local movie theater scheduled three showings of four episodes each. My friends, Jenn and Rebecca, and I attended the first showing on Monday night, and it did not disappoint. We have tickets to the second showing tomorrow night as well, but sadly we can't make the third showing next Wednesday because all of our children have all of the activities that night. I have loved Friends since the beginning, and it remains my favorite show 25 years later. It sounds silly, but I can't imagine not having these six characters - along with their celebrations, heartbreak, humor, and catchphrases - in my life.

Happiness Highlights
Will won a gigantic chocolate bar at school It was (and still
is, even after he's eaten a few squares) bigger than his head.
Hallie's hair, after she slept in rags and
spent all day at school. I have hair envy.
Cutie patootie passing the time at soccer.
How is it possible to look so much older in just one year?! 😭
(In case you can't pinpoint the difference, it's his "man neck".)
This made me laugh out loud, probably because
I can picture Hallie saying this during an interview.
Dance is rough on 5yo little brothers. It helps to
dress up in Ms. Erin's sunglasses and watch and
play with her keys and phone. (Cullen and I joked
that we're going to go as each other for Halloween.)
It took almost an entire afternoon (long story), but on Sunday
afternoon we finally crossed "flu shots" off of our to-do list! 

Happy Friday, friends!

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