Friday, September 13, 2019

High Five for Friday (9.13.19)

Remember last Friday, when I talked about me watching and Will playing soccer on the SURFACE OF THE SUN? (I have to capitalize all of the letters in that phrase - it's the law.) This Friday, I'm talking about me watching and Will running cross country on the SURFACE OF THE SUN.

Last Friday afternoon Will ran in his first cross country meet. At the moment his race started, there was hardly a cloud in the sky (although there was both smoke and ash in the sky, thanks to a nearby fire - talk about great conditions for running) and the temperature outside had climbed to a cool 100 degrees. Ouch. I have an occasional complaint about dance, but the fact that 95% of the time Hallie dances indoors isn't one of them.

But this is a High Five for Friday post, so let's focus on the high five, shall we?

Having never attended a cross country meet before, I had little idea what to expect aside from the oppressive heat. I discovered that while there were a few slow stretches (waiting for races to start, waiting for stragglers to finish, waiting for runners to circle back around to visible sections of the course), they were broken up by an exciting beginning, middle, and end.

The field of seventh grade boys, Will included, came to RUN. And despite the less-than-ideal conditions, most of the 70 or so runners gave impressive performances for their first meet of the season. Will finished in the top fourth, and while I know he was aiming for a slightly higher place overall, he was pleased with his second place finish on his team. Watching him take off from the starting line and working hard midway through the race made me SO proud, and I admit to tearing up a little when I saw him round the final corner and then sprint across the finish line.

I suspect cross country will always come in second place to soccer in Will's world of sports, but after this first meet, I am truly looking forward to watching him grow as a runner throughout the next two years.
Holding strong just after the halfway mark.
This is the best shot of what a
soccer player's leg tan looks like. 😂
Here he comes!
Leaning across the finish line.
Celebrating with friends/teammates.
A great first meet!

After using my new washer and dryer (a 40th birthday present from my parents) for about nine months, I made the decision - with help from my mom - to sell the set and replace them. It's a long story, but they needed to go. A local appliance repair company bought and picked them up from me last week, and then on Sunday (after a few delivery-related problems) my new set arrived. Tom installed them* and they're running beautifully...and I have returned to (kind of) enjoying laundry.

In the last month Tom correctly and impressively installed an under-mount microwave, an oven, a washer, and a dryer. He deserves a medal.

Nutcracker rehearsals have begun! I forgot to take pictures before rehearsal started, after rehearsal ended, and while we were out for ice cream to celebrate the first week of Nutcracker rehearsals, but I did take pictures during the afternoon playdate that allowed them to spend basically the entire day together. (Nutcracker rehearsal ⇨ ice cream shop ⇨ playdate ⇨ Welcome Back to Dance pajama party. Not too shabby for a Saturday!)
Yes, they're wearing matching pajamas and eating stalks of celery.

Sweet baby River is 10 days old today, a milestone which of course warrants additional pictures.

Happiness Highlights
A thank you gift from a friend, in honor of our
mutual favorite Friends' 25th anniversary.  
Found this little drawing on the back side of a school project.
Just because...
Who says Halloween and
Nutcrackers seasons can't overlap?
It's hard to put your laundry away when
there's a cat sleeping in your underwear drawer. 
Apparently age 12 is when boys will start
smiling - on command - for the camera.
I tried to capture one from far away - this is the best I could do.
Mamas are good at smiling for the camera though!

Happy Friday, friends!

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