Friday, September 20, 2019

High Five for Friday (9.20.19)

It takes a village, y'all...  I could not have survived - or at least gotten everyone where they needed to be, when they needed to be there - this last week without my people. Tom traveled to Canada to spend time with his brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and new niece, so I needed a few extra hands to supervise, feed, and/or shuttle Will and/or Hallie while I supervised, fed and/or shuttled the other one in a different direction. Thank you, friends!

While sitting in a PTO meeting last week, a friend looked at my planner, shook her heard, and asked, "How do you do it all?" With a laugh, I replied, "I don't!" and pointed out to her the spots on that day's page where I'd written "Hallie w/ Mandi" and "Hallie to Jenn's". None of us can do it alone, friends. 

The silver lining to Tom's travels - whether for pleasure, like this most recent trip, or for work, which he will do quite a bit throughout the remainder of this semester - is the opportunity they afford me to connect in different ways with Will and Hallie. I enjoyed a weekday evening with each kiddo on their own, and the three of us spent Saturday night eating takeout and watching America's Got Talent, Sunday morning lounging in bed watching cartoons, and Sunday evening making spaghetti together.

This post wouldn't be complete without a high five for the time Tom spent with his brother and family in Canada. I don't know how helpful he was post-baby, but I think they all had a good time together!
When I look at this picture I feel jealous of their weather...
I dream of cool, rainy days and comfortably wearing a sweatshirt.

On Tuesday night, Will and I took each other out on a date. We had dinner at Olive Garden (his choice), and then headed to the theatre for Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy. Seventh grade has come with early morning school sports practices; after school and evening sporting events; an increase in homework, studying, and practicing; and an increase in time spent with friends. We see Will even less this year than we saw him last year, therefore both Tom and I are working hard to carve out pockets of time to connect with, talk to, eat with, play with, and even just sit in silence with him. This date night was the perfect opportunity for Will and I to touch base, and then make a memory just the two of us.
We're actually closer in height than we look in
this picture - my 2+ inch heels gave me a boost.

Happiness Highlights
XC meet #2!
(Does it look dry and dusty and sweltering?
Because it was. These kids are so hardcore.)
His goal for this meet was to place in the top 15 (out
of 75) and he worked SO hard to accomplish that goal.
On Saturday we celebrated sweet "baby"
Calvin's 4th birthday. Where does the time go?
Despite the age differences between them and
Calvin, both Will and Hallie consider him their
buddy and wanted to be there for his party.  
On school mornings, Will leaves before Hallie gets up
and Tom doesn't get up until right before Hallie leaves.
This means she and I have the house to ourselves, and
because we're pretty productive on our own, we have time
almost every morning to play Uno. We have fun no matter
who wins, and we both get a kick out of our Uno stalker...
He looks sweet and cuddly, but he's actually really
riled up - something about Uno makes him crazy!
Ready to rock our first year as a polichinelle in the Nutcracker!

Happy Friday, friends!

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