Friday, June 7, 2019

High Five for Friday (6.7.19)

We've settled nicely into our summer rhythm. Or perhaps better put, we've settled nicely into the absence of our school year rhythm. I like that each Monday morning arrives with its own unique schedule, built around that week's camps, lessons, activities, and work; both kids and I find comfort in the day-to-day similarities but enthusiasm and excitement in knowing that the following week will look and feel completely different.

The bad news: my library (which has been under construction for more than seven months) will not reopen today as originally planned. The new (and still tentative) reopen date has been bumped back nearly three months, until the end of August.

The good news: now that summer has arrived, we have time to drive 20+ minutes to the neighboring library. We've made the trek twice since school let out, and on our second visit the kids and I signed up for their summer reading program. (If you live near a Barnes & Noble, they also have a summer reading program worth joining.) I love having an assortment of good books sitting on my nightstand almost as much as I love having time to read.
Adorably happy to be picking out books at the library.

I've started a new summer photo series: Will and Hallie eating summer treats. Sounds kind of boring to anyone besides maybe Will and Hallie's grandmas, but the pics I took of them with their Must Be Heaven ice cream cones and Freezing Cow rolled ice cream sundaes last week made me laugh enough to decide to continue this accidental series. Clearly they inherited my photogenic-ness.

Last week we tried out two new entertaining family games: Escape Room and Ticket to Ride. Escape Room was a little stressful for Hallie - she didn't like the timer and the "tense" background music - but I thought the game itself was a lot of fun. Escaping was tougher than I expected, which means we're going to struggle as we move through the other three rooms - this room was supposed to be the easiest...

Where Escape Room was wild and crazy and loud, Ticket to Ride was calm, rational, tactical, and strategic. We all enjoyed it just as much though, and I anticipate another round of traveling the country by rail to take place soon!

Happiness Highlights
Came across them gem from years ago... She's patiently waiting on
her mom, aunt, and grandma, the three of whom are having an animated
conversation about who knows what in an outlet mall dressing room. 
First swim of the summer! Will brought friends too, but I didn't feel
like I could ask three tweenage boys to stop swimming and smile for
the camera the same way I could ask these two cuties to do so. 
And first sleepover of the summer! (Also
the first sleepover at her bestie Avery's new
house...they'd lived there all of 24 hours
before Hallie crashed the party.)
First (right) and last (left) day of school pics for my Lily and Carter!
Our second trip to the pool started with a torrential downpour and
severe thunderstorm, which we waited out in our cars in the parking
lot. Luckily the storm passed fairly quickly, and after all that rain
we had the pool mostly to ourselves for two hours!
Squinty fun in the sun with friends and snow cones!
Thanks to Grandma Brenda, Will is now ready for
the World Cup (which kicks off today) in his official
US National Soccer Team jersey!
Waiting - only somewhat patiently - for Aladdin to start.

Happy Friday, friends!

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