Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Finally Finished

The "design" of our backyard has changed slightly and periodically throughout the eight years we have called Honeysuckle Lane home. We've planted and nurtured different kinds of trees, bushes, flowers, and vegetables, some more successfully than others. (Despite our best efforts, neither Tom nor I have a green thumb. The plants we manage not to kill usually die by soccer shots gone just wide of the goal.) We've fixed and then replaced our edging, most of our sprinkler heads, and the portion of our sprinkler system that waters our perimeter landscaping. And we've tried different varieties of wood chips and stones in each of the beds. The backyard is - and will likely always be - a work-in-progress, but Tom likes putzing around in the space and I don't dislike helping him so we continue to maintain and tweak and update as the mood strikes.

The back porch, however, remained mostly unchanged - patio table and chairs, a few buckets of outdoor toys, and a large storage bin - until about three years ago. Around that time we added the first of our three jolly green giant hot tubs, and then within a year or so after that, Tom started tinkering around with mad scientist "stuff". The hot tub took up quite a bit of porch space, and its supplies took over the top of the storage bin. Tom's electronics and tools - and eventually his outdoor television - monopolized the entire patio table, a few of the patio chairs, the space inside the storage bin, and the ground around the table and chairs. It became hard to use the space for anything other than inventing and developing genius electronic devices, so eventually we decided Tom needed a proper Mad Scientist Laboratory (MSL).

It took a lot of work by Tom and his dad (and a little work by my dad, Hallie, and me at various points along the way), but Tom's space is finally finished and open for business.

The electronics, tools, and outdoor television have been relocated into the MSL. The hot tub and its supplies have new homes. (Can you see the jolly green giant tucked up next to the far side of the MSL?) The toys now live inside the storage bin. The patio furniture received a fresh coat of paint as well as new cushions and pillows. Our back porch is once again available for scooter riding, jump roping, grilling, and eating outside, and we are fully ready to take advantage of the Lone Star State's warm spring hot summer weather.

Just kidding. I can't stand summer weather. Check back in with me in November, when I'll be fully ready to take advantage of Texas' (slightly) cooler fall weather.

I think our next backyard update will have to be the addition of a swimming pool...

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