Friday, June 21, 2019

High Five for Friday (6.21.19)

On Hallie's first day of third grade, her teacher pulled her aside and asked if she would sit with a brand new student - Tessa, who knew no one - at lunch. Hallie agreed, and within minutes of chatting over pretzels and fruit snacks they became fast friends.

Tomorrow Tessa moves away. Not to a different state, but far enough that getting together will create a challenge for the moms. I can tell that Hallie's heart hurts more than she is letting on, so when she needs to let out a few tears I give her "permission" and the space to let them flow. I also remind her, in true High Five fashion, how lucky she and Tessa are to have found each other that day and to have had each other's friendship throughout the last half of elementary school.
Their last "hurrah" at Urban Air.

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies! We spent Sunday both celebrating Tom and "setting him free" to play disc golf and work on his latest creations in the MSL.

For six years Hallie watched, learned from, and looked up to the assistants in her dance classes and dreamed about one getting to do that "job" herself. Last week was her chance, and the experience was everything she hoped it would be.

After three straight weeks of slaving away for multiple hours a day, Will finally finished his two summer school classes. (In order to play sports, take Spanish, and participate in orchestra next year, Will had to take care of both Health and Keyboarding - mandatory classes for seventh graders - before the fall semester started.) He has carpal tunnel to show for his hard work, but he passed both classes with flying colors!

Happiness Highlights
That's my sister's tent, set up inside her second grade
classroom for her students' end of the year campout...
...that made its way into the newspaper!
Next up in the "Will and Hallie eating summer treats" series: Bahama
Bucks. I aim to catch them in as awkward a position as possible, so I
tell them I'm counting to three and then take the picture on one or two.
Following Bahama Bucks: Must Be Heaven. (It's dangerous that
Must Be Heaven is located less than a block from the public library...)  
Hallie and Avery were SO excited to spot their friend Peyton
in a giant photo on the wall at the school district's main office.
Found my perfect parking spot!
Between playdates, gym childcare, swimming lessons, and dance, these
two have spent more hours together than apart since school let out and
they're always asking for more. Their friendship makes me happy...
Lunch in a muffin tin - went over surprisingly well!

Happy Friday, friends!

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