Friday, March 8, 2019

High Five for Friday (3.8.19)

1. Spring break starts today. Hallelujah!

Funny thing... Both of my kids and I love school and school days. Both of my kids and I hate waking up with an alarm clock and having to get up before the sun. We've been looking forward to spring break not because we need a break from school, but because we need a break from our alarm clocks.

2. Also on tap for today: Tom's dad and brother arrive from Nebraska and Tennessee, respectively. They plan to help Tom work on (finish?) his Mad Scientist Laboratory, but I know we'll find time for a little fun when they're not sawing, hammering, and painting.

3. Let's rewind a little, to last Friday morning, when we brunched. Mimosas and eggs and bacon and cheesy grits and biscuits and bonuts, oh my. I wish I had the time and money to brunch with friends more often. I also wish I had remembered to take photos of our bonuts.

Bonuts are donut holes made from biscuit dough and are as delicious as they sound.

4. On Saturday afternoon, Hallie danced at one of my favorite collegiate events: Dance Marathon. I have such wonderful memories from my five years of involvement with the University of Iowa Dance Marathon, and I love that even though she isn't yet old enough to participate in the actual event, Hallie has now experienced just a bit of that wonder twice through the Aggie Dance Marathon.
One of my new favorite pics of her dancing.
I've posted pics of this lift before (Hallie's
bestie Kara is on top and Hallie is holding
up Kara's torso), but I'm sharing this one
because I love the awed expressions on the
faces of the college students watching. 😍

Since its inaugural event 25 years ago, the University of Iowa Dance Marathon has raised more than $27.5 MILLION to support the pediatric oncology department at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. Project highlights include the $5 million University of Iowa Dance Marathon Pediatric Cancer Center and the $2 million University of Iowa Dance Marathon Chair in Pediatric Oncology, Clinical, and Translational Research. Dance Marathon is the largest student organization at the University of Iowa and the third largest Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon - out of more than 300 - in the United States. Just thought my alma mater's event deserved a shout out...

5. Happiness Highlights
Maybe someday she'll become a rock star.
(She'll need bigger biceps to do so though -
this bass weighs as much as she does.)
This view makes me feel lucky.
Will's official 6th grade orchestra pic.
He's been particularly needy lately. I don't alway love it (like when
I'm trying to mop the floor), but other times I appreciate the snuggles.
Hallie's art class creation (it's a bowl - the event is called Empty
Bowls), for which I paid $10 in support of our local food bank.

Happy Friday, friends!

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