Friday, March 22, 2019

High Five for Friday (3.22.19)

Does anyone else need a vacation after their vacation? We didn't travel at all (we spent spring break working on our house, yard, and Mad Science Laboratory), but when Sunday night arrived I felt as exhausted as if I'd traveled to the moon and back.

This week - back to getting up early, back to school, and back to work - kept me busy, but I tried to take 20 10 5 minutes each day to relax, decompress, recenter, and motivate myself. This is as close to meditation as I've come, but I think I might benefit from the process - anyone have any suggestions on how to start? Any guided meditation apps you like?

Into the last three days of spring break we fit bowling, Farmhouse Creamery for ice cream, Chick-fil-a for Big 10 Tournament-watching takeout, a mom-son date to shop for basketballs and go out to lunch, the library, a soccer game in Houston, multiple trips to the park, and a couple of playdates. It may not have been exactly what the kids wanted out of their break from school, but I think they had a little bit of fun.

While Tom has a lengthy to-do list to finish the interior, the exterior of the Mad Scientist Laboratory looks fantastic. (All we have left to do is add painted trim to the very bottom of the structure.) Here's the before:

And here's the after:
4th fourth wall built, new roof, new windows, new air conditioner
and venting, new counters exterior walls painted, existing exterior
trim painted, additional trim around the door and windows and
on the corners painted and added, door built and added.

We are SO grateful to Tom's dad for taking on this time-consuming project - he put in more hours and worked harder than the rest of us combined, and we couldn't have done it without him.

Hopefully I can soon share before and after pics of my porch, which for the past two years has served as Tom's temporary Mad Scientist Laboratory. 😩 I look forward to power washing the patio, repainting my outdoor furniture, washing my furniture's cushions and pillows, and sorting through and neatly store the outdoor toys!

Midway through last week Will added "go to an athletic/sporting event" to his spring break to-do list, but because TAMU and all of the high schools were also on spring break, we didn't have any options. On Tuesday night, however, Will and I cleared our schedules so we could go to the crosstown rivalry men's soccer game. We know kids on and families associated with both teams, so instead of cheering for one team over the other, we cheered for good soccer. I LOVE that Will loves soccer the way I love soccer, and I hope the sport always remains a link between us.

Happiness Highlights
Does she look naughty? This cutie (my Lily) and her
dance company won their most recent competition
with their performance of Naughty from Matilda.
One roll of old wrapping paper, one roll of tape, and
one pair of scissors = two hours of quiet creating. 
One of our two spring days (summer should arrive next week)
coincided with my monthly school lunch with Hallie, which
meant we could eat outside in the butterfly garden.  
Look at President Carter hamming it up in his
kindergarten musical! I'd say he rocked it.
That one morning of spring break when we all had a few
minutes to lounge on the couch before getting to work.
Will's social studies class learned about and then had the opportunity to
try henna. I love this lesson, and what Will chose to write/draw on his arm.

Happy Friday, friends!

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