Friday, May 18, 2018

High Five for Friday (5.18.18)

This time of year is a rollercoaster ride. Audition and tryout anxiety. Concert, recital, performance, and tournament excitement. STAAR testing stress. Field trip and field day fun. Summer anticipation. Pride in this year's accomplishments, nostalgic for the year gone by, nervous for the year ahead. Hang in there, friends - we may be upside down in the middle of this ride's last loop-de-loop, but soon our car will slow and pull back into the station and then we can catch our breath...and get ready to ride again.

On Thursday night my boy played the cello in his spring orchestra concert. I couldn't believe how good decent his fifth grade orchestra sounded when they performed together for the first time last December, and I was pleasantly surprised with their improvement after a few more months of practice. It takes an incredible teacher and a talented musician to turn 100 kids - most of whom had never even held a stringed instrument as of last August - into an orchestra in less than nine months. Will's teacher did this, and also taught him to love the cello, so much so that he decided to stay with the cello in sixth grade rather than switch to the drums or another band instrument. Bring on our second year of orchestra!
Will and Kaylee, ready to go!
Mason, Andreas, and Will - school/orchestra and soccer buddies.

Saturday, unsurprisingly, revolved around dance. We spent the day on campus, at the auditorium where Hallie's recital will eventually be held, for her dress rehearsal(s). Prior to Saturday I was dreading the day; after all, dress rehearsals are usually long and stressful and once I even left a dress rehearsal in tears. But this year our dance studio team nailed it: they scheduled finale practice at the beginning so kids could leave after their final dance, and they moved efficiently - weighing the need for blocking and practicing on stage against the desire to respect families' time - and as a result they stayed on time ALL DAY. The rehearsals went smoothly and neither Hallie or I felt stressed about hair or make-up or costumes or her dances. And now she can't wait to do it all again in two weeks for the real thing!
We had to get up early, which no one in our family except
Will likes. To make sure Hallie woke up on the right side of
the bed, I served her breakfast there for the first time. It helped. 
The first finale rehearsal. 
Because of Tom's graduation-related responsibilities, Will had to spend the day with Hallie and me at the theater. But don't worry - he stayed far away from the backstage dressing rooms. (If that doesn't make sense to you, click on the link above.)

For me, Mother's Day is the one day of the year I can ask the kids to help me with extra projects and chores...and expect them not to complain. (I ask the kids to help me all the time, but on days other than Mother's Day I expect a complaint or two.) We tackled our regular Sunday jobs, and then they helped me vacuum out and wash my car. I'd take that kind of "gift" over a wrapped present any day.

Update: I think my "washed" car looks worse than my unwashed car. But it's the thought that counts, right?

"Oh, you love your mom? Name three of her albums." You MUST read this post about how a question on Twitter turned into a hysterical joke about moms. Get tissues before you start reading - I laughed to the point of tears.

Happiness Highlights:
Hallie's birthday present from cousin Lily (and family) was
a rose gold sequined pillow...that becomes a personalized
unicorn pillow. As I'm sure you can imagine, she LOVED it.
There's not much to do while sitting in the allergist testing
booths, so Hallie and I have taken to coloring. This owl took
me three 90-minute appointments and I think he's adorable!
The regular soccer season has wrapped, which means the summer
futsal season has begun! I like the fast pace of this indoor game, and
I LOVE the fact that it's played the air conditioning.
Showing off one of my Mother's Day gifts on their way to crush
the STAAR test. That little light board is going to get a lot of use!
On his way to soccer tryouts.
Tulips from my mom. 😍 (Don't forget to add a penny or two to
your tulips' water, friends - it keeps them standing for weeks!) 
About a year ago, Hallie made Tom a set of perler
bead creations. He keeps them in his car, and every few
months he leaves me one on my car. Makes my day.
Every May a trio of bushes near our house blooms
with beautiful flowers. Hallie and I both look forward
to when we can smell and take pictures with them.
Just for fun (and to make me cry), here's the pic we
took in May - on the way to Hallie's end-of-the-year
kindergarten program - three years ago. 

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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