Friday, May 11, 2018

High Five for Friday (5.11.18)

Both kids dealt were under the weather last week/end, but despite feeling uncomfortable - and even awful at some points - they "powered through" school projects and tests, dance classes and performances, soccer practices, and an art show. They couldn't miss certain activities and events and didn't want to miss others, and they impressed me with their toughness as well as their commitment to dance company members, teammates, and that for which they had worked hard throughout the last year.
Team Leader for Rock(in') Lemonade (they added pop rocks to the
lemonade), part of a larger financial and business literacy project
and fundraiser through the enrichment program at his school.

My girl loves to create, and we loved seeing one of her creations in the district-wide art show on Saturday. Tom and I agreed that while we didn't appreciate art class or art shows much as children and teenagers, we truly enjoy them now. The middle and high school students - and even some elementary school students - who display their work are naturally talented but also incredibly passionate and hard working. I always leave feeling inspired.

Hallie and her bestie Avery have been waiting for their moment - a short but beautiful duet in one of their Mini Company dances - for months. They finally had the opportunity to share their passion and hard work with an audience this weekend, when they performed Rainbow (from the movie Leap) at Relay for Life.
I was helping usher girls on and off the stage, so I left Will
in charge of my phone. He's good at a lot of things, but filming
his sister dancing is not one of them. He took two videos of this
dance - the first starts late and misses the beginning of the duet,
 while the second ends early and misses the end of the duet.
I'm on the hunt for a good video from someone else!

On Sunday afternoon a couple of friends and I - along with our three daughters - joined our local Parade of Homes tour. I have always wanted to attend the Parade of Homes but have never been able to do so because of prior commitments, so this was a fun way to wrap up a weekend. Watching the little girls marvel over the houses' unique...and not so unique ("You guys, look! This house has STAIRS!")...features was particularly entertaining.

Happiness Highlights:
Nine of the 11 Mini Company moms. We spend A LOT of
 time together, so it's a good thing we like each other! 😉
Just three proud Mini Company dads, hanging out with their
pink and purple unicorn, paisley, and flower dance bags.
She could stay in the hot tub (which we don't keep all that
hot) all day. Somehow wrinkly fingers don't bother kids... 
For some reason it makes me really happy when the quizzes
that come across my Facebook feed provide accurate answers.
I love finding a surprise photo (or 12) waiting for me on my
phone, and it happened three times last week. Here's #1...
Here's #2...
And here's #3.
Not exactly sure what she created, but I love how happy
she looks and that her GT teacher captured the moment.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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