Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Seven Years of Grump

My little Packer fans spent yet another Super Bowl Sunday protesting Green Bay's absence from the big game.

Hallie has never had any trouble flashing a turned-down mouth and furrowed brow, but Will struggles more and more with each annual round of Grumpy Packer Backer photos. Angry faces just don't come naturally to him, thank goodness.

Because of Will's (according to Hallie) inability to "look right" for the picture, Hallie decided she needed to coach Will this year. I snapped away while she provided feedback: "what are you doing with your face, Will?! You don't look angry at all! And those aren't mad arms, those are sad arms!" If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: the Halligator has a future not in football fandom, but in theatre.
The emotion in the first picture of this series - see below - was captured accidentally. On Super Bowl Sunday I brought out all of the kids' Green Bay gear for one more wear. As Will pulled on his Packer shirt, he asked excitedly if the Packers had made it to the Super Bowl. When I explained that no, the Packers weren't playing that day, the authentically forlorn expression you see above passed slowly across his face. Hallie, on the other hand, just didn't feel like smiling for the camera.

This tradition of Will and Hallie wearing their disappointment on both their faces and torsos began in 2012 will continue as long as is necessary…hopefully 2019 will see our Green Bay Packers rise to the top once more.
This is our "official" 2017 photo...
...but this one - in which Hallie somehow looks even scarier
with a unilaterally flared nostril - is worth sharing as well.

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