Friday, February 2, 2018

High Five for Friday (2.2.18)

1. First, a high five for last week's highlights that didn't get the blog space they deserved.
  • Will had a great time trying out a new (to him) golf entertainment venue in Houston with friends for a birthday party. He claims Hallie, Tom, and I would all enjoy Top Golf even though we fall somewhere between poor and awful on the golf scale. 
  • Hallie and many of her fellow third graders had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at an Aggie Women's basketball game. They did a fantastic job!
  • The 4th Grade Variety Show went off without a hitch (or at least without any hitches that anyone except me and my co-captain Rebecca noticed), and many in attendance called it the best one yet. For the first time the 4th grade teachers joined in the fun and closed out the show with a surprise finale. 
  • My mom and I refinished the top of our kitchen table, which after 14 years showed many signs of wear and tear. It now looks refreshed and ready for another 14 years!

2. Second, a high five that as of today, we're just about caught up on everything we fell behind on throughout the last three weeks. School work, blog posts, emails, PTO projects, dance classes, gym workouts...I finally feel as though I have a (precariously loose) grip on life once again.

3. Third, my soccer-loving boy and I discovered - a little late to the game, as always - the "slo-mo" mode on my phone camera. He and I had a blast filming these videos until our daylight ran out (we also discovered that slo-mo works better in bright sunlight) and he's making plans for all sorts of additional highlight reels down the road.

4. Fourth, we have an exciting weekend ahead of us! Annual events like 50 Men Who Can Cook and Night of Worship along with one soccer game, one Zumbathon, one musical, three birthday parties, and dance costume pick-up mean we'll be busy, but we're all so grateful to feel healthy enough to tackle our schedule that we don't mind the chaos a bit!

5. And last but not least, Happiness Highlights:
Will's soccer team played three extremely tough games against NTX
and STX Olympic Development Program teams last weekend. They
hung in better than both he and I thought they would, even bringing
home a victory of which we were all proud. 
It sprinkled on us during the first game and POURED on us during
the second game, but we had fun (?) trying to stay warm and dry.
Will's team looked like the winners of a wet
t-shirt contest in their soaking wet white jerseys.
Super wet, but otherwise happy!
Just a sweatshirt draped over a chair...oh wait, there's a
little sister in there. We enjoy taking pictures of Hallie doing
all the things she rather do than watch Will play soccer.
Little girls ready to watch their big girls
in their Peter and the Wolf dress rehearsal.
Sweet friends of Will and Hallie's as flowers and "pond".
Wrapping up rehearsals for Night of Worship!
He's been kind of a jerk lately but we still love him...

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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