Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Birth Day Buddy

Today is my birthday. On November 22nd I always wake up feeling grateful for my life, my health, my husband and kids, and my extended family and friends. I also wake up feeling a little nervous, probably because I don't really like the attention birthdays bring.

A perfect birthday for me would include sleeping in, leisurely drinking good coffee and indulging in a donut while watching The Today Show, taking a long walk, watching Will play soccer and Hallie dance, putting up our Christmas tree and decorations, once again indulging in take-out for dinner followed by store-bought white cake with white buttercream icing for dessert, and watching a movie with my family while the fireplace roars. Oh, and fall- or winter-like weather.

Also part of a perfect birthday is taking a walk down memory lane, which is how I stumbled upon pictures - posted on our family blog almost nine years ago - of me a couple of days after I was born next to Hallie a couple of days after she was born.

It would come as a surprise to most who know eight-year-old Hallie that she arrived with dark eyes and a full head of dark hair. Will was born with the light blue eyes and transparently blond hair he still has today, so for a moment we wondered if perhaps the doctor had switched Hallie out on the way from the back of the c-section drape to the front of the c-section drape. (I am OF COURSE kidding - I feel like I should add that in case Hallie someday reads this post.)

It wasn't until a couple of days later, when my mom pulled out a picture of me shortly after birth, that we realized Hallie looked just like one of us after all.

We don't look - or act - much alike now, but I still like to think of her as my birth day buddy.

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