Friday, November 3, 2017

High Five For Friday (11.3.17)

1. Last week Will went on his first field trip and experienced his first Red Ribbon Week at his (no longer all that) new intermediate school. Though he has had/we have endured a couple of small bumps since that first week of school, overall I feel great about the caliber of Will's teachers and administrators, what and how much he's learning, his personal growth and development as a student, and the amount of sanctioned fun he manages to have with his friends before, during, and after school.
Crazy Hair Day. Can you tell it's a wave?
Twin Day. 😍

2. On Friday evening, fall arrived. On Sunday afternoon, summer returned. Those 40 or so hours though? Incredible.
We turned on the fireplace for the first time this fall
and within seconds Tux had returned to "his spot".
He won't let anyone sit between him and the fire.
It wasn't quite cold enough, but I wore my new
jacket (and then sweat through my shirt) anyway.

3. We celebrated Halloween by way of a 3rd grade classroom party, a pajama party with friends, a soccer "spooktacular", and neighborhood trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween, friends!

4a. On Sunday night our dryer starting making a terrible noise. Having once before fixed a dryer, Tom took the entire thing apart and determined that, at the very least, the heating element needed replacing. He ordered the part and eventually fixed the machine himself, saving us the cost of hiring a repairman or worse, a new dryer. My hero!

4b. Between every day, work out, soccer, and dance clothes as well as pajamas, sheets, and towels, I do an average of one load of laundry every day. Not having a dryer, even for a couple of days, sent me into a panic because we have quite a bit of clothing - specifically soccer and dance items - that needs cleaning midway through the week to be worn again. Not to mention the fact that Hallie and I are going out of town for the weekend and have been trying to pack.

I walked outside on Monday morning and when faced with a beautiful day, realized I could solve (at least part of) my dryer problem with a clothesline. I found a rope and quite a few clothespins (who knew we owned clothespins?!) and rigged up a makeshift clothesline, and now our clothes smell like fall!

5. Happiness Highlights:
After a four-hour battle, I captured and this lizard and
removed him from my house. Not my favorite way to
spend half a day, but holy cow was I proud of myself!
Snow! Northern Wisconsin has already seen a few
inches of this wintry white wonder, and I can't wait to see
more of it with my own two eyes in a few short weeks!
This girl chose to spend 180 minutes in the car so she
could watch her brother play soccer last Sunday. She
may have actually watched about 10 of the 60 minutes,
but she came out and showed her support!
Hallie and I are snacked up and ready for this
weekend's Dance Revolution Convention in Dallas!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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