Thursday, November 23, 2017

give thanks for everything thy goodness sends

In place of a High Five for Friday post tomorrow, I'm posting my annual November Gratitude Journal today. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

give thanks
for each new morning with its light
for rest and shelter of the night
for health and food
for love and friends
for everything thy goodness sends

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

November 1
I'm grateful for this window of time in which children find trick-or-treating on Halloween as exciting and thrilling as opening presents on Christmas morning. And as a lifelong lover of Halloween, I'm grateful my kids are having the same kind of simple fun I had as a child: eating (our traditional) cupcakes for dinner, trick-or-treating with friends, and then staying up too late trading candy on the floor of the living room.

November 2
I'm grateful for a block of time - three full hours and the first I had all week - without anything scheduled so I could finally pack for our weekend away.

November 3
I'm grateful for great conversation between the adults, minimal bickering between the kids, and safe travels for all on our way to the Dance Revolution Convention in Dallas.

November 4
I'm grateful for an incredible Hawkeye victory (even if I couldn't watch it on television because I was instead watching dance class after dance class after dance class) over the ranked Ohio State Buckeyes.

November 5
I'm grateful for my many Pure Haven essential oils - especially the roller ball blends - I brought with me to Dance Rev. I'm not sure we would have made it through day three without "energize"...

November 6
I'm grateful for the end of Daylight Savings Time - what a joy it was to walk Hallie to school in the daylight! Bring on sunshine-y mornings and cooler evenings!

November 7
I'm grateful I was able to spend the day with my gal Hal on a field trip to the Renaissance Festival and the evening with Tom and both kiddos at The Illusionists Present: Adam Trent. And I'm also grateful for the right to vote!

November 8
I'm grateful for today's cooler, rainy weather. Changes in the seasons - especially the shift from swimming pool weather to fireplace weather - make me feel rejuvenated.

November 9
I'm grateful I remembered that today was Picture Day for Will!

November 10
I'm grateful for the great group of "co-workers" - and friends - with whom I have the opportunity to serve on our elementary school PTO board.

November 11
I'm grateful for a weekend evening at home with absolutely nothing to first in four weeks!

November 12
I'm grateful that "last year Erin" thought to put the Christmas CDs away in a place they would be easily found when needed...which was today, a ridiculously warm November day that I made feel more like fall by playing holiday music.

November 13
I'm grateful that when publicly surprised with a joke that hurt her feelings, Hallie somehow managed to put on a brave face. My heart hurt for her in that moment, but as I watched her find and call upon an inner strength I didn't know she had, I also felt tremendous pride in her and peace knowing that she is - at her own pace - learning how to control the many different emotions swirling inside her.

November 14
I'm grateful for the pre-made cookie dough I bought, forgot about, and then found in the spare refrigerator at 9pm this evening.

November 15
I'm grateful for a quiet 15 minutes spent sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee, taken not because I have the time, but because I need the time.

November 16
I'm grateful that after worrying about Will and Hallie all day, both came home from school in much better moods - happier and seemingly less conflicted - than when they left in the morning.

November 17
I'm grateful for the good friends who joined me to see A Bad Moms Christmas in honor of my birthday - it was a perfectly simple way to celebrate.

November 18
I'm grateful for an afternoon spent with Tom, decorating the exterior of the house and front yard with Christmas lights. We had so much fun together, and we ended the day feeling reconnected and ready for the upcoming holiday season.

November 19
I'm grateful for the "cold front" that rolled through late last night/early this morning. The slight chill in the air (emphasis on the word slight) made my morning walk all the more enjoyable. Now if only it would cool off enough that I could justify turning on the fireplace again...

November 20
I'm grateful they - on occasion and when we're not watching - seem to enjoy each other's company.

November 21
I'm grateful for my once weekly Flow class, without which I would be far more stressed and far less flexible.

November 22
I'm grateful for another trip around the sun, and for the opportunity to share my birthday with my little family of four but also with my extended family.

November 23
On this Thanksgiving Day, I'm grateful for my family. I'm grateful for their love, their support, and the purpose they give me. I'm grateful for my health, and for the health of those I love. I'm grateful for the roof over my head and the food on my table. I'm grateful for stability. I'm grateful for the small problems in my life, because they remind me that my problems could be so much more considerable in both size and weight. And I'm grateful for the challenges I face, because they remind me that life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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