Friday, November 10, 2017

High Five for Friday (11.10.17)

1. Hallie and I survived one of our most physically and mentally taxing weekends of the year...the Dance Revolution Convention in Dallas. Beautiful moments come out of this three day dance and worship extravaganza, but for a few weeks post, all I can focus on is the fact that we made it through in one piece.
We have arrived!
A lovely welcome courtesy of the hotel.
Friday night glow party!
I kind of think this should be an Oshkosh B'Gosh ad...
Do you hydrate while in the splits too?
Ready to get to work!
Mamas in matching nutcracker jammies with
daughters in matching "dance all night" jammies.
As I expected, some classes went smoothly and some
didn't. Hallie's ballet and musical theatre classes blew
me away though - fabulous teachers and instruction!
2. While the girls are away, the boys will play! They will also fix my dryer (sort of - turns out the dryer needed an additional repair), fix my coffee pot (sort of - it works about 50% of the time), clean my oven, and change my sheets. And put the sheets back on the bed wrong side out, but beggars can't be choosers.

3. I think I may "fall" in the minority here, but I LOVE turning the clocks back an hour. I like sunlight in the morning and darkness in the evening, and my kids have reached ages at which this time change doesn't affect them - or Tom and me as parents - at all. Glorious!

4. After a four-year hiatus, Hallie and I returned to the Renaissance Festival on a school field trip. This time around we attended during the day on a weekday designated for students, so I didn't have to periodically cover her eyes as I did when the four Ferri visited previously and on the Barbarian Invasion weekend. Hallie has spent the last few weeks learning all about the period and creating Renaissance-themed accessories to wear, and she couldn't have been more excited to see all she had learned come to life!

5. Happiness Highlights
Loving my new Noonday earrings!
Did you vote? I did, and I took Hallie with me. She thought the
entire (3-minute) experience was the best thing since sliced bread. 
Doesn't he look handsome? And somehow 20 years old?!
Ready for The Illusionists Present: Adam Trent.
A great show!
Future Aggie #1
Future Aggie #2

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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