Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Send Me on My Way

The calendar may indicate autumn, but aside from a couple of glorious "teaser" days, the weather outside - at least here in Texas - hasn't felt like anything but summer to me.

Tomorrow morning I will rise hours before the sun, which I dislike doing. I will leave my house at 4am, which I also dislike doing. I will drive to the airport and board a plane, which I certainly won't enjoy, and then I'll spend my morning flying and waiting and flying and driving, which - you guessed it - I also won't enjoy. But every last minute will be worth it when I arrive in...FALL.

Preparing to go takes weeks of planning (I'm gone for three full days so before I leave I have to coordinate every detail of the kids' school and extracurricular schedules), but the time spent with my mom and sister, away from my kids (once a year mama needs a little break), and outside enjoying Mother Nature's most glorious season make me feel uplifted and refreshed and valued. This annual trip never fails to rejuvenate me...fall, here I come.

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