Friday, October 27, 2017

High Five for Friday (10.27.17)

1a. My inlaws deserve a HUGE high five for making the trek from Nebraska to Texas to help Tom take care of the kids while I enjoyed a much-needed vacation. In years past I've left Tom on his own during my weekend away, and while I think going that route is good for everyone, this year Tom's busy schedule and the kids' even busier schedules warranted bringing in grandparents. All five Ferri made it to every commitment and had a great time along the way!

1b. My friends also deserve a high five for helping out with Will and Hallie, keeping my MIL in the loop when changes were made to the schedule, and taking lots of pictures of my girl on stage. It truly takes a village, y'all!

2. As you may recall, I couldn't wait to experience the cooler temperatures of a Midwestern fall. As (my bad and everyone in the region's good) luck would have it, high temperatures reached nearly 80 degrees every day...until Sunday, when I flew home. EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE we spoke to while shopping sent us on our way with a smile and a friendly, "enjoy the weather!" Needless to say, I was NOT enjoying the weather (we visited a number of outdoor malls, which meant we were in and out of stores and sweating buckets), but it was wonderful to see and spend time with my mom and sister.

3. I may have missed participating in and/or volunteering for Will's first intermediate school fundraiser - a Glow in the Grove fun run - but the five Ferri who attended had a blast; Tom, Will, and Hallie ran a 5K (yes, HALLIE ran a 5K); and Will finished in fourth place overall. A great night!

4. After a few adventures in the air (more to come in a future post), I made it home in one piece and only a couple of hours late. The hugs I received when I climbed out of my car made me feel like the most loved woman on the planet. After I unloaded, Hallie and I went on a two-mile walk together. I'm trying to teach her to love walking for the physical, mental, and emotional benefits because 1) I love walking for all these reasons, and 2) I want to be able to share these benefits with her while also setting us up for great conversation time. She tells the most delightful stories and truly opens up when it's just the two of us pounding the pavement together!

5. Happiness Highlights:
This "HOWDY" doormat arrived unexpectedly
on my front porch this week - thanks, Mom!
The view from our hotel elevator included a giant picture
of a stein of beer and the word "Thirsty" on the top side of the
restaurant's ceiling. We were thirsty, and we did visit the bar.
When we shop for our kids without out kids, Sara and I
trace their feet on cardstock and bring the cutouts with us...
...which is how we discovered that Sara and
11-year-old Will now wear the same size shoe. 😂 
Grandpa Mike made Will a regulation size Bey
Blade Stadium. He was clearly thrilled... was Tux. 
Grandpa Mike also made an INCREDIBLE
cello stand for Will for his birthday...
...and these salt and pepper bowls for me
just because he knew I had always wanted a set.
Not to be outdone, Grandma Susie made me
a pair of beautiful fingerless gloves/mittens...
...and made Hallie this adorable headband to
keep her ears warm when winter finally rolls around.
Speaking of winter, someone else
besides me can't wait for cooler weather!
Texas offers up some pretty incredible sunsets... (Thanks,
Coach Frankie, for sharing your photo from soccer practice!)

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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