Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Anyone Up for a Winter "Swim"?

Tom and I grew up in the Midwest, surviving most of those years* without hot tubs or spas to lessen the pain of Nebraska and Wisconsin's snowy, frigid winters. After five years in the Lone Star State, however, Tom decided we couldn't possibly survive another "brutal" Texas winter without one.

So now we have a gigantic bathtub - or minuscule swimming pool, depending on who you ask - stationed on our back patio. Tom, Will, Hallie, Tux (who sleeps on the warm cover when I refuse to light a fire in the fireplace for him), and the kids' friends LOOOOOOVE everything about the hot tub.
Who says you can't snorkel in a hot tub?
First "pool party" with friends!
Yes, Tom moved a television outside so we could watch the
Packer game from the comfort of the hot tub. Will is in heaven!
I, on the other hand, have yet to jump on board the bandwagon. Perhaps the Wisconsinite in me can't believe how weather wimpy we've become...I might need to make a second swimsuit snow angel to redeem myself!  

*My parents put in a hot tub after I moved away from home for college (nice, right?), so while I never lived with a hot tub growing up, I did occasionally have the opportunity to use one - primarily before and after making swimsuit snow angels - in the winter during my late teens and early 20s.

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