Monday, February 2, 2015

Making My Move…Four Years Late

I prefer waiting to jump onboard all fashion, entertainment, and social bandwagons until at least 50% of the original trendsetters have moved on to the "next big thing". Twilight? Started reading the books around the time the fifth and final movie came out. Email? Completely refused to use it for the first semester of my freshman year of college because I felt fairly confident it would "never catch on". Hammer pants? Waited so long to try on the pair my mom bought me that when I finally did, I'd outgrown them and I had to pass them on to my sister.

In keeping with this trend and after a great deal of consideration - perhaps too much consideration, given the fact that this course of action isn't exactly life-altering - I decided to create a Facebook page specifically for Chasing Roots. I want to post more frequently about my blog, website, and American Red Cross and MomsEveryday contributions without inundating or frustrating those of my Facebook friends who don't follow Chasing Roots or care for me as a writer. I also want Chasing Roots readers, especially those I haven't had the privilege of meeting in person, to be able to follow Chasing Roots without having to become my Facebook friend and subject themselves to stories about that time an exhausted Ferris child confused the laundry basket with the toilet and accidentally peed where s/he shouldn't have. (Ok, I may have ended up sharing that story on both my personal and the Chasing Roots Facebook pages, but you get the picture. And yes, that happened last week.)

So the time has come, friends. Chasing Roots finally has its own Facebook page. When you have a moment, would you consider stopping by, giving Chasing Roots a "like", and/or sharing the page with your friends? Thank you!

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