Friday, February 13, 2015

I Love You Because...

In honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow, today I want to share the messages of love - the second halves of the sentence, "I love you because…" - I wrote for Will and Hallie throughout the last 14 days.

Will, I love you because…

…you made me a mom.
…you love to learn.
…you can laugh at yourself.
…you try really hard not to make a mess when you pee.
…you think about how what you say and do will make others feel.
…you always put your dishes in the dishwasher.
…you give really good hugs.
…you still let me hold your hand.
…you never feel sorry for yourself.
…you are an amazing cousin.
…you ask fantastic questions.
…you are a humble winner and a gracious loser. Except against Hallie.
…you learn from your mistakes.
…you take good care of Tux.

Hallie, I love you because…

…you never forget to pray before dinner.
…you completed our family.
…you always say you're sorry when you make a mistake.
…you do a really good job brushing your teeth.
…you believe in magic.
…you celebrate the achievements of others.
…you love to create.
…you're such a good reader.
…you always want "just one more" hug and kiss.
…you only sing at the top of your lungs.
…you take after your namesake.
…you are a worthy adversary.
…still call it a "ho-and-tell".
…you are a team player, but also a tremendous leader.

And even though I didn't make Tom a heart for his bedroom door (maybe next year), I did make him a list.

Tom, I love you because…

…you make me laugh.
…you tell me I'm pretty. And strong. And smart.
…you listen graciously when I tell the same stories over and over again.
…you always complement my cooking. Except for that one time.
…you unload the dishwasher on the weekend.
…you try to keep the kids quiet so I can "sleep in" (you know, past 6:30am) on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
…you tolerate my need to constantly organize and declutter, the frequency with which I change out our throw pillows, and my obsessions with young adult novels and movies.
…you support my professional endeavors and personal passions.
…you work hard to provide for our family.
…you trust me to steer our ship through the occasionally rough waters of our life together.

In honor of Valentine's Day, tell someone you love them. And then tell them why.

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