Friday, January 9, 2015

High Five for Friday (1.9.15)

1. Tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary, or as the kids have come to understand the day, our family's 11th birthday. Unfortunately Tom and I won't spend it together - he'll be working at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and I'll be working out at the gym, taking Hallie to see Into the Woods while Will is at a play date, and then meeting friends for dinner - but we plan to celebrate in a couple of weeks.

Throughout the last few months I've come across a number of powerful and inspirational quotes about marriage. In preparation for writing this portion of today's post, I began searching for one quote in particular, one about how a solid, lasting marriage requires both partners to say "I do" on their wedding day and then again, and again, and again, each "regular" day. The quote really hit home the idea that staying together is about loving one another, yes, but also about choosing and committing to each other even on the less exciting, fun, and romantic days.

But then…

Then I saw this quote. This quote is us.

Happy 11th anniversary and family birthday, Tom. I love you more than french fries with ketchup and brownies with chocolate chips.

2. Speaking of Into the Woods, I can't wait to see - and introduce Hallie - to this musical and theatrical masterpiece tomorrow! Into the Woods earned a spot on my list of favorites 25 years ago, when Grandma Hallie took my sister and me to see the musical at St. Norbert's College in De Pere, WI. Years later, my sister played Little Red Riding Hood in what was the best high school musical (and I have A LOT of reference points on this one) I've ever seen…except for High School Musical the movie, of course. Ooh, maybe I'll introduce the kids to a few of the High School Musical songs and dances this weekend...

3. We spent the Christmas holiday and the kids' winter vacation in Wisconsin and Illinois with my side of our extended family, so we've still yet to meet our newest nephew on the Ferris side - sweet little Forest - in person. Not getting to hold and cuddle him is driving me crazy, but I love looking at the picture my BIL and SIL send my way. He's just too cute!

4. When we first brought Tux home I had a difficult time "attaching" to him. After all, while everyone else played and snuggled with him, I taught attempted to teach him not to bite and scratch, took him to the vet over and over again for his kitten check-ups and shots, and cleaned his poop out of the sinks, bathtubs, and laundry baskets. I realized when we dropped him off at the vet (where we boarded him and had him neutered and front declawed during our holiday travels), however, that I loved him more than I realized.

We all missed Tux terribly, and having him home with us again just feels right. As Tom always says, "what a buddy".

5. Happiness Highlights
Hallie convinced Grandma to buy her this pair
of fuzzy "ear phones". She hasn't taken them off yet.
This is a belated Happiness Highlight, but I love
this pic of Will on the last day of school - Santa Hat
Day - before Christmas. I also love his Santa hat. 
And my Hallie, rockin' her own,
"girlier" version of a Santa hat.
Will and Hallie LOVE their new bathrobes from Grandpa
and Grandma. They wear their robes with only underwear
underneath (to feel the soft fabric) which makes them look
like little wrestlers. Then they go wrestle, so that makes
they look like little wrestlers as well.
Both kids couldn't wait to roast hotdogs in the fireplace,
but 12 seconds into the process their arms got too
tired to continue. It was fun while it lasted though!
I found this note on Hallie's door - I think she copied it
from a note that Will hung on his door…for the cat.
Will bought me the pin and Hallie bought me the compact for
Christmas. I love that our elementary school hosts a Christmas
Shoppe so that kiddos can shop for their loved ones! (And
for the girls they like…Will bought Kaylee a sparkly ring.) 
My boy graduated to his 7th (blue) belt!
I'd been meaning to purchase one of these for
a while now,  and on Wednesday I stumbled
upon one at Walgreens. Recipes? Please share!
Happy Friday, friends!

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