Friday, November 7, 2014

High Five for Friday (11.7.14)

Last week I felt kind of down in the dumps. This week I feel much better, so I'm starting this post off with my Happiness Highlights.

1. Happiness Highlights:
Hallie made Will a new set of headphones out of printer paper,
cupcake papers, and LOTS of tape. Creative and crafty, that one.
When I taught Will how to practice his soccer shot and pass against
the side of our house, I had flashbacks to the many hours I spent
practicing my shot and pass against the side of Jefferson Middle
School. I love that soccer has returned to Will's sports mix!
Mr. Soccer before last weekend's game.
Tailgating with friends and Tom's co-workers. Perhaps the
most perfect fall day - both weather- and activity-wise - ever!
2. I have purchased tickets to see "Mockingjay, Part 1" with friends and lined up Tom to watch the kids on November 20th (the night before the movie technically opens). I have purchased tickets to see "Mockingjay, Part 1" with Tom and lined up a babysitter to watch the kids on November 21st. Mockingjay sits on my night stand, ready for a quick reread. 13 days, my friends. 13 days.

3. While Tom traveled, I let Will and Hallie each spend one night in our bed. I don't sleep particularly well, what with all the thrashing and snoring, but I love having them close...especially in such a peaceful state.

4. The past two years we've invited friends over on Halloween for Trick-or-Treating followed by drinks, dinner, and catching up (while the kids watched The Great Pumpkin and sorted their loot). We opted not to do so this last Friday, not because we don't love our friends but because Tom traveled the entire week before Halloween and we thought it would be nice to spend the evening just the four of us. Well, just the four of us and 188 trick-or-treaters. (Yes, we won again.)

We headed out to Trick-or-Treat a little after 6pm, and by 7pm Will wanted to head home. He really enjoys handing out candy, so while he and Tom held down the fort (they played soccer in the front yard, pausing whenever kids started up the front sidewalk), Hallie and I soldiered on for an additional 45 minutes.

On that night Hallie was, simply put, a delight to be around. I love Halloween, and spending it with my little Goldilocks was absolutely perfect.

5. And last but not least, a little publicity for a worthy cause…

My lovely friend and kindred spirit Leslie is co-organizing the 6th annual Water Party in Davenport, Iowa later this month. The event aims to increase awareness about (the lack of) access to clean water and raise funds for The Adventure Project to train and equip well mechanics working in Uganda.

"Clean water is everything. It's health. It's education. It's an end to violence. And it's dignity. Over one-third of all wells drilled in the last 20 years are now broken…but you can put a dent in this tragic figure."

The 2014 Water Party will be held next Friday, November 15th. I would attend the festivities if could, both because I love Leslie and because this cause deserves my support. But since I can't travel halfway across the country for one evening, I'm purchasing a $10 raffle ticket to win…wait for it, ladies…a Jason Wu clutch valued at $1295.00!

100% of the money - that's every last penny - raised from both admission ticket sales and raffle ticket sales goes straight to The Adventure Project. If you'd like to support The Adventure Project's efforts and purchase a Water Party raffle ticket, or if you live in the Davenport area and would like to attend Water Party, click here.

Happy Friday, friends. Make this weekend great!

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  1. Yipppeeee!! Thanks for the love, sweet friend!!!! And the headphones?! Love them!