Monday, November 10, 2014

A Little Bit Brighter

Please help me welcome sweet baby Forest - son of Tom's brother Adam and his wife Chandi - to the Ferris family!

Forest arrived eight days late at 9 lbs. 0 oz. and 21.2 inches long. He was born on Halloween night, which I find completely perfect, given that Adam and Chandi both also share their birthdays with holidays (Adam and Chandi were married on his birthday, and Chandi's birthday is on Valentine's Day). As we could have anticipated, Forest has a Ferris-sized head (better to house the Ferris-sized brain) and a Ferris nose. I love that every Ferris child, grandchild, cousin, and second cousin - regardless of hair color, eye color, skin tone, mouth shape, etc. - looks related thanks to this dominant feature.

Speaking of Ferris kiddos looking related, I think Forest looks an awful lot like Will did as an infant.

Wow, point-and-shoot cameras took poor photos eight years ago...

Will and Hallie wanted to guess the baby's name, so I offered two clues: first, the name started with the letter F, and second, the name belonged to something found in nature. Hallie guessed "Fishing", and when I suggested she guess again, she argued with me ("FISHING STARTS WITH AN 'F' AND IS FOUND IN NATURE!!") and then threw up her hands in exasperation. It's entirely possible she'll call the baby Fishing down the road.

Forest's arrival reminds me yet again of how difficult it can be to live far from family. This beautiful baby and his parents make their home thousands of miles from us, and we won't see any of them for months. I'm grateful for the ease with which we share pictures and communicate with one another, but texted photos and FaceTime come in a distant second to in-person hugs and sweet baby cuddles.

I've heard it said that when a new baby enters the world it becomes just a little bit brighter. For our family, when this new baby entered the world it became a lot brighter.
So bright, in fact, that these two needed sunglasses.

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