Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Texas is So Hot it Pulls Out Your Breath"

While searching our family blog for stories about Will and Hallie's relationship for my first day of school post, I came across this conversation between Will and me. We hadn't yet relocated to Texas, but we had made the decision to move and shared that decision with Will. We'd also shared with Will that Texas would, in many ways, look and feel different than Michigan, and that in all likelihood the first difference he would notice would be the warmer temperatures.
One of us was more than ready for warmer temperatures.
We spent the Christmas before our move playing in the snow and bundled up against freezing temperatures in Illinois, so when we finally climbed out of the car in Texas in January, Will declared the weather "summer-like". He then went on to make one of his first "scientific" discoveries in a roundabout way.

Will: Whew! Texas is so hot that it pulls out your breath. 
Erin: What? Oh, do you mean that the heat in Texas takes your breath away?
Will: Um, I guess. (skips away) 

A few minutes later...

Will: (skips back) So, when do you get it back?
Erin: Get what back?
Will: Your breath!
Erin: Where did your breath go? 
Will: The hot took it away, remember?
Erin: Oh, right. When do you think you get it back?
Will: I think we get it back when we go to Grandma and Grandpa's where it's cold. We get our breath back when it gets cold.

10 minutes later (yep, it took me 10 minutes - the synapses must not have been firing correctly that afternoon) it registered with me that Will had just realized that breath can only be seen in cold weather.
My snow baby.
Will has reached the age at which he no longer makes hysterical, grandiose statements or asks crazy, out-of-the-blue questions like toddlers and preschoolers do. (Click here, hereherehere, and here to read a few of my favorite "Will-isms" from his younger years. Yes, I have a lot of favorites.) It was such a delight to come across one I'd forgotten about, especially one that offered a little insight into what was going through his mind as we prepared for our new life in Texas!

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