Monday, September 22, 2014

One, Two, Three, Four…and Now FIVE…Ferri!

Yesterday Tom, Will, Hallie, and I welcomed a fifth member - an adorable, seven-week-old black and white kitten - into our family.

My parents brought home two kittens around the time I turned five and my sister turned three. We initially thought that both kittens were female, so Sara named her kitten Jingle Bells, after her favorite holiday tune, and I named my kitten Pearl, after a beautiful, elegant, fluffy white cat I'd recently read about in a picture book. Unfortunately my bright orange Pearl looked nothing like an actual pearl. Even more unfortunately, my Pearl turned out to be a boy. Poor Pearl rocked his feminine name for 17 years.

Tom and I adopted Duke and Clementine - Clemmy for short - a few months after our wedding. We treated them like babies, until we had actual babies, of course. After Will was born, Duke started behaving like Will's dog and Clementine started hating us for bringing Will into our house.

When the time came for us to sell our house in Michigan, both cats traveled to Wisconsin to temporarily live with my parents. During their stay, Duke was hit by a car and died and Clementine discovered that she preferred living with my parents in their child-free house. We let her stay.

We've been pet-free (with the exception of Will's fish, Blue, who only lasted a few months) for nearly four years, and when we heard that a cat belonging to friends of ours had had kittens, Tom and I decided it was finally time to change that. Watching our Gal Hal with her new baby has already made this adventure worth it.

Our kitten doesn't yet have a name, primarily because we don't know its gender. It's headed to the veterinarian this week though, so we should know what kind of name to go with soon. In the running include:

- Bluebonnet (Blue for short)
- Glory (Hallie's favorite)
- Katniss (my favorite)
- Moo (because it's black and white like a holstein cow)

Feel free to throw any suggestions you might have - for boy or girl kittens - our way!


  1. SO sweet!!!! So excited for you guys. I am over the moon over our kitten and can totally relate to your excitement!! :-)

  2. Great post! Don't forget Jeff's suggestion of "Johnny Catziel" :)