Friday, July 7, 2023

High Five for...a Hiatus


Yep, a (brief) hiatus. After driving* more than 1,700 miles through six states, attending two weddings, going on two college tours, and visiting members of both sides of our families in the last week, I had to take today off - I simply didn't have enough time to put together a post.

I'll be back next Tuesday with a regular post, and HFFF posts will resume next Friday!

* When I say that we drove more than 1,700 miles, I actually mean that I drove more than 1,700 miles. Tom needed to work - alternating between two different laptops that he would briefly charge every time we stopped to go to the bathroom or for gas - almost the entire trek, so with the exception of 45 minutes when Will took over and I nervously rode shotgun, I was been behind the wheel for however many millions of minutes it took us to drive that many miles.

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