Friday, July 21, 2023

High Five for Friday (7.21.23)



Getting home from our travels on a Friday evening was absolutely the right thing to do. It was so nice to have both Saturday and Sunday to unpack, do laundry, clean the house, and prepare for the week ahead. We also slept in and played with our babies (and dressed them up in their impulse-purchase gear from the UW bookstore), who had missed us and we had missed so much.


Speaking of our babies...they were SO well cared for in our absence. We're tremendously grateful for friends who will drive to our house to take care of all of our babies' needs every day for two straight weeks.

This is my new favorite picture, because at a
glance it looks so sweet (it is so sweet, at least as
far as Cullen is concerned), but if you zoom in...



On Sunday, Will, who has decided he'd like to try to qualify for the PGDA Junior Disc Golf World Championships, competed in his second tournament of the year. In a field of 25 competitors, Will finished second, and while he wasn't pleased with that place (it's hard to come that close to the top of the podium), we were incredibly proud of him!


On Monday we celebrated this guy's birthday. Many years we haven't been together on his birthday - summer travel and work often overlap in inconvenient ways - so we love it when we all get to be together for him.


Last but certainly not least...we have a new family member! Tom's brother and his wife just had their third baby: Rock Nicholson Ferris. He's just precious, and we can wait to meet him! 

Happy weekend, friends!

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