Tuesday, July 25, 2023

And Yet, Here We Are

Given that just yesterday we dropped him off in his kindergarten classroom, it makes no sense that this summer he began the process of choosing the college/university where in just two short years we will once again drop him off. 

And yet, here we are.

Will now has his first two college tours under his belt. We started with the University of Iowa in Iowa City, and then a few days later we finished (for this trip) with the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I liked visiting Iowa and Wisconsin back to back, as it gave all of us an opportunity to compare and contrast the two schools - and the two presentations, tours, guides, campuses, etc. - while both were still fresh in our minds. 

At Iowa:

Thinking, "how did we get here?" while waiting
for the Honors Program presentation to start.

In front of Tom's college home away
from home: the engineering building.

We took a few dance pics along the way.

Along the Iowa River.

A little music while we cooled
off inside the Memorial Union.

With Herky the Hawkeye.

The University of Iowa Children's Hospital, home to one
of college football's newest and greatest traditions: The Wave.

Outside Kinnick Stadium.

At Wisconsin (we took considerably fewer pics - oops):

These chairs (the normal sized version) are
famous in Wisconsin and beyond, and it's always
fun to take pictures in the extra large versions.

My dad joined us for this tour - in Hallie's
place. I'm sure he had a better time than
Hallie would have had.

Will is keeping his cards pretty close to the vest right now, but I know there were things he liked and didn't like about both schools. If either/both of these universities rise to or near the top of his list, we'll return for more in-depth and program-specific tours (right now he's leaning toward engineering, though probably not the same kind of engineering as Tom) and to flush out those likes and dislikes a little more. 

Ready or not, here we are.

These are both schools Tom and I are familiar with - we both attended Iowa, I grew up just a few blocks from Wisconsin and the rest of my family (dad, mom, and sister) are alumni, and Tom works with a number of faculty and staff members at both Universities. If anyone would like to chat about becoming a Hawkeye or a Badger with us, let me know!

Also, a note to our friends who live in and around these cities and who we didn't have time to see...we're sorry we missed you. We crammed A LOT into very short visits, and were short on time for additional social gatherings. Next time!

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