Friday, July 28, 2023

High Five for Friday (7.28.23)



Late last week Hallie wrapped up her (one) work week of the summer. She assisted at her dance studio's "Dance Mode" (Bluey themed) dance camp for littles between the ages of three and six, and while she was exhausted every day when camp let out, she had a great time. 

I attended the end-of-camp showcase, and it was a blast watching Hallie in action and the littles who belong to friends of ours.



On Thursday evening we made the drive to Houston to see our friends Kaylee and Kara perform in their Houston Ballet five-week summer intensive showcase. They both did an amazing job, and while we couldn't take any photos or videos of their dances, we took lots of photos of the girls reuniting after more than a month apart. 


It's World Cup time, baby! I've watched both United States games live, and each morning I watch the Fox Sports recaps of all of the other games that happened overnight. (The majority of the games - thanks to the time difference between here and Australia and New Zealand - take place while we're sleeping.) I've yet to decide if I'm going to watch the team's next game live, given that it kicks off at 2am... 

That's my parents' cat - Molly - watching the
game. She LOVES watching sports on television.

Hallie made us a patriotic dessert (those are
4th of July M&Ms) to celebrate our first game.


Last Saturday Will played two rounds of 18 holes each, in 100-degree weather, in the PDGA "Throwing Down the Gauntlet" tournament (Mixed Amateur 3) in Austin...and came home a champion. (Tom also deserves a shout-out, for accompanying Will on this 15-hour day that included four hours in the car and NINE hours outside in that horrible weather.) He took one more giant step toward his goal of qualifying for the PGDA World Championships!


Fun Friday

Last Friday we hit up Big Shots for the first time in a few months. The weather was headed toward brutal, but we went around 10:30am and it wasn't bad - under the awning, with the fans blowing on us, and with cold beverages to keep us hydrated - until we'd finished golfing and Will wanted to play corn hole and ping pong on the surface of the sun. It's worth noting that while Will beat me at corn hole, I beat him at ping pong. 😉

Happy weekend, friends!

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