Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Adventures of Plié and Popeye: Mischief Managed

When we traveled to Wisconsin for Christmas, our friends took care of Plié and Popeye. Pleeps and Pops received at least one visit a day, and some days they received two visits, because both friends/families wanted to spend time with our sweet babies. 

It seems, however, that our babies aren't quite as sweet when we're out of town as they are when we're at home...here are just a few of the photos our friends sent me during our absence.

They (likely working as a team) pulled out this festive
garland and destroyed a few of the felted wool balls.

They (Plié, since Popeye can't reach the counter) knocked
their food Tupperware from the counter onto the floor...

...and quickly learned that when it hits the ground,
at least some of the time the lid will come off.

This happened almost every day. (To be clear, Pleeps
and Pops had PLENTY to eat. This seemed like more of
an activity than an effort to commandeer more food.)

This was their treat container, made of SOLID plastic that
wouldn't crack or break when it hit the ground. I can only
imagine how long it took Popeye to shred it to pieces...
(We're pretty sure that while Plié  knocked the treats off the
counter, Popeye is the true culprit here. He LOVES treats,
and has more "stamina" than Plié does - she gets bored and
finds something else to do, while he will keep battling.)

Most days our stockings and stocking holders had been
knocked off the mantle and were either on the ground...

...or in the fireplace.

Plié in particular is incredibly smart - she's the brains behind their mischievous operations, and she knows both exactly what the rules are and how to get around them. An example? She knows she's not allowed to be on the counters, but she is allowed to be on the chairs...so as soon as the chairs go onto the counters for me to run the Roomba, she makes herself comfortable. 

Sometimes, however, Little Miss Mischief gets in a little over her head...

I saved her from this mishap as soon as I'd taken these photos. She had her head in the box for less than 20 seconds.

Plié may be made of mischief, but she has Tom wrapped around her little finger and so as long as he's around, she'll continue doing pretty much whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

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