Friday, January 13, 2023

High Five for Friday (1.13.23)


I spend a lot of time in my car - running errands, shuttling kids, working. My car is basically my second home, and just like with my first home, I'm fine if it looks and feels "lived in" - I/we frequently have to eat and drink in the car as I/we drive from one activity to the next, and VERY frequently the kids I'm shuttling are sweaty and the gear they're toting is smelly - as long as it also looks and feels somewhat organized, tidy, and clean. 

Sometimes my car passes "lived in," and when this happened last year, I asked Tom to have my car detailed as his Christmas present to me. It was the most amazing gift, so this year, I bought a car detailing in our soccer club's auction fundraiser, handed the gift certificate to Tom, and informed him that he bought me the same gift again this year. It was - once again - the most amazing present.


Will and his high school soccer team left town at 6:30am last Thursday morning for their first tournament of the season. They stayed overnight in a hotel on both Thursday and Friday, and arrived home late Saturday night after playing games Thursday afternoon, Friday evening, and Saturday evening. Driving back and forth to watch each day meant I spent a lot of time in my car (my nice clean car), but it was worth it - the Lads went 3-0 on on the weekend for the first time ever at this tournament - and came home with a share of first place and a lot of great bonding time under their belts. 

Nothing like going back to school after a nearly three-week Christmas break for ONE day before skipping town and school to play soccer. 😉


The stadium where Will played was about seven miles from a Trader Joe's, and since there was a decent chance his third game would be rained/thunderstormed out, Tom and I decided that our back-up plan (so we wouldn't feel like we had wasted a trip to The Woodlands) would be a shopping trip at our favorite niche grocery store. The Lads managed to get their entire game in before the severe weather rolled in thank goodness, but since we'd come prepared with coolers, Tom and I decided to stop the middle of the huge thunderstorm that arrived minutes after the game ended, which made getting in and out of the store and loading our groceries somewhat challenging. We did quite a bit of damage in a short amount of time - picture Supermarket Sweep, and you'll have an accurate visual of what Tom and I looked like running through TJ's - and came home with lots of delicious favorites and a few new products to try.

One of my new favorite treats.

Meanwhile, our girl spent the afternoon with her bestie, ice skating and having a sleepover. She hasn't skated in four years (and wasn't a great skater four years ago), but she had so much fun and grew more and more comfortable throughout the afternoon.


While Will was out of town, I deep cleaned his room. It felt SO good to tackle that space and to now have that job done...

These two helped, thoroughly enjoying both the "dirty work" stage (teenage boys are gross) and the "put the sheets back on the bed stage." 

To be clear, I don't usually clean the kids' rooms for them. They are responsible for cleaning their rooms every Sunday, and a few times a year I help them tackle their spaces with a little more intensity. They like it when I do my deep clean (it happens probably once every year or two), but also know that if they don't stay on top of cleaning their rooms themselves, when I deep clean I make no promises about what I will keep, toss, relocate, confiscate, etc.


Tuesday was our 19th anniversary. Most days it feels like our time together greatly exceeds one year short of two decades, though I suppose this makes sense, as we'd known each other for four-and-a-half years before we were married. But on occasion, something he says or does surprises me - like decides to wear his hair in a man-bun or start growing mushrooms in my closet - and it feels like our relationship is brand new again. In those moments I am reminded that, really, we are just getting started...that the journey ahead of us is long.

He makes me laugh, listens graciously when I tell the same stories over and over again, unloads the dishwasher without being asked, and lets me sleep in on the weekend. He tolerates my need to constantly organize and declutter, the frequency with which I change out our throw pillows, and my obsessions kittens and nutcrackers and baking just to lick the bowl. He supports my professional endeavors and personal passions, works hard to provide for our family, and trusts me to steer our ship through the occasionally rough waters of our life together.

Happy anniversary, babe. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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