Friday, January 6, 2023

High Five for Christmas Break

We crammed a lot into the week before and two weeks of Christmas break. I could use another week to recover...


The kids and I visited Christmas at the Tree Farm, which is one of our favorite new(er) traditions. We grabbed hot dogs and hot chocolate, ran through the maze, and took pictures with some of the lights before driving - this time in the bed of the truck, which they LOVED - through the even longer and more impressive display of lights (compared to last year).


Hallie worked and then performed at Christmas at the Lake, her studio's annual holiday showcase. The weather was AWFUL - warm and humid, it sprinkled on and off, and then in between shows two and three the skies opened and it POURED for at least 15 or 20 minutes - which wouldn't be a big deal...except for the fact that this event is held outside. The dancing was lovely though, and we love it as the wrap-up to our fall semester of dance.


Will's high school soccer season got underway, with a Varsity vs. JV-A scrimmage followed by a friendly against a non-division opponent. I can't wait for their upcoming tournaments this weekend and next, and then division play which will start shortly thereafter.

Best. Hair. EVER.


Right before we left for Wisconsin, my friends and I held our (now) annual Favorite Things party. It's such a wonderful opportunity to have fun and truly relax (because school, dance, sports, etc. are done for break) while also sharing the things we each love with the people we love.


We barely made it, thanks to a delayed flight, but we rolled (flew) into Madison just in time - with literally one minute to spare - for my dad's ukulele group's holiday sing-along. Will played with the group (they didn't play Any Dream Will Do, unfortunately 😉), while Tom and I handled the Zoom "meeting" and Facebook Live respectively. A special thanks to my mom, for learning how to do a Facebook Live that afternoon so she could get everything set up ahead of my arrival.

Nothing makes me happier than when they choose
to be together, which they usually do when we fly.

He used to be the straggler, the one who lagged behind
and who we had to CONSTANTLY coax to keep up with
us when we worked our way through crowded airports.
Now he walks ahead of us, leading the way.

This is the three of us, trying to keep up. 


Despite the (below) FREEZING temperatures, we went sledding multiple times and had a great time...until we could no longer feel our cheeks, fingers, and toes. 


We saw an AMAZING performance of A Christmas Carol, put on by the Children's Theatre of Madison (which also includes adults), while in Wisconsin. I honestly can't remember ever thinking of A Christmas Carol as a particularly engaging story, but this production was wonderful. All 10 of us - boys and girls, grandparents and parents and kids - loved it, and NO ONE (ahem, Tom and Will) fell asleep, which is the truest sign of a great show.


A trip to Madison during the holidays wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo to see the annual Zoo Lights display.

Doing some research...


Christmas itself was lovely - we made a fancy dinner (our traditional prime rib) on Christmas Eve, opened presents and indulged in a delicious brunch on Christmas morning, took a walk and watched the Packers on Christmas afternoon, and enjoyed a soup/chili buffet and a holiday movie on Christmas evening.  

Baking for Santa.

Spreading their homemade reindeer food.


Back in Texas, had a great NYE with grown up and kid friends - it was so warm outside that the kids went swimming in between playing video games and eating lots of good food.

A couple of our kiddos - Will included - opted out of photos.

With our f-r-amily is a wonderful way to ring in the New Year.


The last few days of break were spent putting the house back together and finishing up an article (me); working, playing disc golf, and playing music (Tom); playing soccer and disc golf (Will); and dancing and getting together with friends (Hallie). We also celebrated "second Christmas," as we call it, back at home.

I thought I could make it through Target without
a cart. I couldn't, but luckily I had this strapping
young man with me to carry my purchases.

Ok, so this post should have been titled "High Eleven for Christmas Break." I'll return to my regular HFFF posts next week!

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