Friday, January 20, 2023

High Five for Friday (1.20.23)


The Lads had another great weekend to wrap up their preseason: they co-hosted the Aggieland Classic Tournament, won all three of their games, and won the tournament. On to district play!

All of Will's soccer pictures from this season are here, in case you're interested. One of our team moms takes amazing pictures - all credit for these images goes to her! (Thank you, Terri!)


It's important that during soccer season the Lads 1) eat well and 2) dress well. They take both very seriously. (They do not, however, smile for pictures taken by their moms.)

Tom, Hallie, and I stepped up our gear game this year as well - we all have new sweatshirts and long-sleeved tees (no more short-sleeves for high school games) and I also have "fancy" bracelets. We're dressed as well as is possible given how bundled up we usually are during games...


On Saturday night, my besties and I visited our favorite - Primrose Path for drinks and appetizers - for the first time in months. It was so nice to be back, and to celebrate...well, just having time to visit our favorite spot for drinks and appetizers.  


We had a solid long weekend. On Saturday we went to Will's third soccer game of the week, Hallie had double playdates with friends, and I enjoyed the beverage pictured above with my friends. On Sunday we had NOTHING on the calendar (well, Tom had to work, but the rest of us had nothing on our calendars), so in addition to our Sunday "jobs," Will and I played disc golf in the yard and Hallie and I went for a bike ride. On Monday we returned to our regularly scheduled programming except for school, but it was so nice to have an extra day to sleep in. Wouldn't four-day work and school weeks be amazing?!


Happiness Highlights

After breaking her arm last fall, my niece, Lily, is
back on top as a flyer for her middle school cheer team!

My nephew, Carter, is collecting all of the money he finds
(on the ground, in vending machine change slots, etc.) over
the course of a year and will then spend it in a fun, yet-to-be-
determined way. Over Christmas break he got the rest of us
excited about his endeavor, so when I found this bill in a muddy
puddle, I was incredibly excited and promised to save it for him.

Hallie made Popeye his own baby blanket.

This picture makes it look like Popeye is about
to attack something, but he's actually just enjoying
his breakfast of champions (Cheerios) with Hallie.

This Noonday scrunchie makes a great bowtie...

...and even better Easter Bunny ears. Somehow Popeye
doesn't mind being dressed up, which is all Hallie ever
truly wanted in a pet.

Sometimes, instead of putting caps in her water dish, PliĆ© 
puts them in my coffee. I want to believe it's because she likes
me, and not because she's claiming things that are mine.

The afternoon weather has been beautiful this week, so Hallie and
I have enjoyed snacking and working on the porch before dance
and the rest of our afternoon/evening activities. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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