Friday, October 7, 2022

High Five for Friday (10.7.22)


Thank you for all of the birthday love for Will. In many ways it was just a regular Tuesday (school, chess club, homework, soccer practice, more homework), but we managed to fit a few fun treats and surprises into the day. He'll be celebrating again, with friends, at some point when they're all maybe during Christmas break. 😂

Birthday balloons - since Will stays up later than
everyone else, Tom, Hallie, and I woke up really
early on Tuesday morning to put the balloons
in his room before he woke up.

Birthday breakfast - our birthday breakfast tradition
is little powdered sugar donuts topped with a candle.

Dutch Bros after soccer practice #1.

A little disc golf in the yard.


We opened presents at 10pm, enjoyed his favorite
dinner (Grandma Hazel's meatballs and egg noodles)
at 10:15pm, and blew out the candles at 10:30pm...all
after soccer practice #2.   


I submitted a really stressful project this week. It was about a topic near and dear to my heart, and while it was fun to write, for a number of reasons - including just how near and dear the topic is to my heart - the process caused me a significant amount of anxiety. I have a few more deadlines ahead of me before I take a break for the holidays, but I felt a little lighter when I clicked "send" on this one! (More to come when it hits newsstands... 😉)


Last Wednesday evening I attended a fun meet-and-greet with CSISD School Board Member Kimberly McAdams, who is on the ballet again this November. I was proud to support Kimberly when she ran three years ago, and I'm proud to once again support her as she embarks on this re-election campaign. 

I've known Kimberly for quite a few years, and I've worked with her on CSISD committees and PTO boards. She is a tremendous advocate for teachers, and supports policies that positively impact ALL students. She's experienced (she's hired the districts last two superintendents; served on more than two dozen district, regional, and statewide committees; and held leadership roles with five campus PTOs throughout the last 15 years), and she cares deeply about spending tax dollars wisely, involving parents in education, keeping our schools safe, and promoting mental health awareness and assistance. If you live in College Station and would like more information about Kimberly, her past contributions to CSISD, and her goals for the district going forward, please don't hesitate to visit her website or reach out at erinlferris(at)yahoo(dot)com. 


Popeye attended his first Zoom meeting last week. He was exceptionally well-behaved...after he took a nap, of course.

He's hugging his one back leg with his two front legs.

See the leg up by his face and under Will's chin?
That's his BACK leg. He's shockingly flexible.

Yep, that's his back leg again. (And yes, he's
lounging in the hood of Will's sweatshirt.)

Paying close attention to the Zoom meeting. Me, not
so much - I was too focused on taking pictures of him.

He's just the best buddy in the whole wide world. 


Happiness Highlights

Lily's gorgeous dance picture. Notice how well they hid her
broken wrist and cast that goes all the way up to her shoulder!

Carter's soccer team won their (something
about pumpkins) soccer tournament! 

Popeye's new favorite activity is watching the
water drip slowly down and off the shower door.

Just another pic of Popeye loving
on and being loved on by his people.

Nutcracker billboard! The show will be
here before we know it, and we can't wait!

Plie's favorite activity is "helping" with homework...

This girl of mine has never been "dancer of the
month" in 10 years at her studio. I'm so ridiculously
proud of the work she put in to earn this.

Happy weekend, friends!

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