Friday, October 21, 2022

High Five for Friday (10.21.22)


Will took the PSAT last week. I love that he doesn't stress about tests like this - he's always been a calm test taker (he actually really enjoys having the amount and quality of his knowledge evaluated) and it's so nice not to worry about him feeling stressed or anxious ahead of or after this kind of life event. 


My parents came to visit us last weekend. My mom drove, stopping to visit my grandma in Arkansas on her way here, while my dad flew (he's a couple of months post-hip replacement and sitting in the car for such a long period of time isn't great for recovering hips) but they arrived at almost the same time on Saturday afternoon. The boys spent the afternoon disc golfing while my mom, Hallie, and I unwound from the drive (my mom) and a day of Nutcracker rehearsals (Hallie and me). 

We headed to Houston for two soccer games on Sunday, and on Monday we did a little shopping, ate lunch at my mom's beloved Chicken Salad Chick, and enjoyed Hallie's first choir concert of the year. It was a short trip - they hit the road back to my grandma's house on Tuesday morning - but a good trip!

A cool pic of Will levitating after taking a free kick
to commemorate the weekend. (Thanks, Kristen!)


Speaking of choir concerts... Hallie and her 8th grade choir did a lovely job at their first performance. I should have videoed more of the songs, but I was so nervous waiting for Hallie's solo that I forgot until it was actually time for her solo. 


I survived - just barely - my 10th Parent Participation Week at dance! This year I only attended hip hop and jazz (parents don't come to ballet classes, and I couldn't make it to contemporary or tap), but jazz definitely exacerbated a foot problem I've been dealing with for a few weeks. Getting old stinks, but going to dance class with Hallie sure doesn't.


She loves to watch him practice. She'd love watching him even more if he'd let her out of prison the screened-in porch...

Happy weekend, friends!

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